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    Date/Time: August 14 evening
    Provider: Asami
    Contact Info:
    Type/Location: Delivery to my four star hotel at Tokyo Tower.
    Language Specifics: English all set up via e-mail. Asami spoke excellent English.
    Session Length/Fee: 11hrs/105000 (overnight plus)
    Physical Description: Late 30s maybe early 40s, though petite and in great shape. Pics are spot on, don't worry about the face blur either.


    Asami showed up right on time and we hit it off immediately. Since we had an overnight we had plenty of time to chat and enjoy the view of Tokyo Tower. I was taken with her looks as her face is blurred on the website. Suffice to say I definitely felt I had made a good choice. We ended up talking for almost 2.5 hours on everything under the sun and then some.

    When we got down to the fun stuff it was off to the races. Started in the shower with some soapy, slippery, crazy body rubbing. This went on for quite a while before we dried off and hit the bed. What followed was all out insanity. Started with BBBJ, had her sit on my face, then a 69 that went for half an hour. She was soaking wet by this time and we were both ready for the main event. Her on top, me on top, twisting, turning, writhing, moaning for several positions. I plum wore myself out that night.

    We slept for a few hours and woke at about 4AM with the sun rising as well as other things. We replayed the previous night events in shorter intervals three times before we cleaned up and she left me with a nice DFK.

    Recommendation: I am already looking forward to another fun filled overnight when I return in December.
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    Holy Viagra, Batman!! I wonder if can pay Y105,000 up front for Asami for 11 hours but have it in several 2hr installments over a year…
    Asami is build a legend and a fan-base.

    I wonder if I can FIND Y105,000...

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