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AM Mako Review


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Aug 18, 2010
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I had come across this forum and based on what I saw here I checked out AM and decided to go with Mako. Here is my review.

AM in general was very quick with the replies and answered all my questions, which was really good. I decided to go to a love hotel near where I was staying. I thought the girl was going to be late but she arrived pretty much on the dot.

Mako has a real "nice girl" feel to her. This is not someone I would think is working in this industry. We chatted a little bit and she prepared a bath. She is shy when removing her clothes just like a typical J-girl. (again I was surprised).

I think she has a really cute face, her breasts are fake but they are great, and I also was into how slim she was. Others have mentioned it as a down side but I liked it.

Lets move onto the details. Mako is rather delicate. You can't be rough with her. I don't consider myself to be rough in bed but a little aggressive at times and I had to pull back because she found things painful. (both breasts and other areas, she likes it all gentle). If you want a lover experience this is great, if you want someone just to lose control with this isn't the best bet. (great BJ though and really sexy. She also doesn't like long rounds like going for 20-30 minutes)
I also had to go slow with her. She commented on my size which is something I didn't think would be an issue especially with an escort. Which brings up my next point on bringing your own condoms. I figured an escort service for foreigners would have that issue resolved and though she said they were big size just do yourself a favor and bring your own.

Her English is fairly good. We didn't really speak Japanese and we talked about different subjects.
Fun fact- the girls know about this site and read it lol.

Anyway, we had sex twice and then it was time for the shower again. I would really suggest Mako to anyone who wants a "girl next door" kind of experience. She is sexy and sweet and I would love to meet her again.

I would like some advice though on any of the girls that you can be a little more aggressive with. Sometimes I don't feel like having to worry about hurting someone. Not that I am overly aggressive, I just don't want to be overly gentle lol.
Nice review. I noticed exactly the same things about Mako. She's very gentle and delicate; too delicate for me, really, and I'm not particularly rough myself.

Also a little skinnier than I prefer, but things like that I can overlook because she's cute and has a sweet personality and can please a man. :)

So, the girls read TAG? That's totally hot. I can totally see girls like Mako reading it because she's pretty fluent in English, but I can't imagine some of the girls who don't really know any English reading this site. Unless someone else reads it for them.

Still, the thought of the girls reading these reviews and getting off on it... thoughts like that keep me warm at night. :cool:
Well, I think they pay more attention to the bad points. She knew someone said she was too skinny. She said it not me. She also said that they know who some of the people on here are. Like after they have that customer a review appears and they know who it was. XD She will remember me I guess.
Cool review there, putting on the brakes in the heat of passion is a very interesting dilemma. Slow F**king has a nice ring to it, but that's torture :)
So, some of the ladies read TAG uh! Maybe Hiromi can make herself available in October for yours truly.

I didn't know that they were actually reading this site, the girls that is. I'm fairly confident that people responsible for various agencies do read this site. TAG is still the new kid on the block and we have not advertised anywhere... so who knows.

Thanks for the latest review on Mako, we do apprecaite it.
Oops! I guess I shouldn't have posted that less than stellar review of Yui so soon! Though I don't really want to see her again, so I guess it doesn't matter lol

I have nothing unkind to say about Mako. She's definitely high up on my list on my next Japan trip. My favorite thing about her was her accent. She has the cutest Japanese accent I've ever heard! I'd like to meet more girls from where she's from.

But I certainly hope Manami knows who I am! :rolleyes:
Yeah, but don't change your reviews based on the fact that the girls "might" read it.

We'd like to keep things honest here so that people know what to expect when they meet a certain lady.

There are cute accents and there overly annoying accents. You know the ones I'm tlaking about... ~30ish OL speaking like she's 15 or some anime character.
LOL! No, she didn't have the 15 year old artificially high pitched maid cafe voice. She spoke in a normal adult voice. Just the accent and inflections were noticeably of someone not from Tokyo, and quite adorable.

No worries, I'll never BS you guys with any reviews that aren't 100% true.

If I had a lousy time with a girl, why would I want to see her again? I'd have no reason to pull any punches. :D

And if I had a great time, I'm more than happy to write a glowing review. :cool:
I tried to find the most recent Mako review and add to that string. If I missed an earlier one, my apologies.

As I stated in a review I just posted for Sora at AM, I apologize for being so late with this review. For some reason, I just couldn't write it. Pure laziness, because I had a great time. I saw Mako on my last trip to Japan, meeting with her in early December, after seeing Sora a couple of weeks earlier when I arrived (and then traveled in Japan). I had actually planned to see Mako then, but she had to cancel at the last minute and I was lucky that Sora was available on short notice.

Mako is cute and nice and friendly. I would say she is cuter than Sora although for some reason I clicked better with Sora. We went to a love hotel of her choosing. She was cool about everything, spoke great English and helped me get the room and get situated once we were there.

We took a bath together and then got back to the bed. She started with a nice bbbj and I played with her tits before having her move around for 69. Obviously, the details are a little fuzzy now. It was pretty late, like about 11 pm, and I should have shaved as I intended, but I got excited about the sex and forgot. It mattered when I was going down on her because after awhile she said my beard was hurting her. I don't doubt that it was. But she was nice and said it still felt good. We went through a lot of positions and I finished CIM, which she spit out.

We then just talked and were hanging out. Given the time and the fact that I had been drinking some, I doubted that I would go a second time. But outside of my previous appointment with Sora I never do so I didn't expect much. Regardless, Mako asked me if I wanted to try again and I was game, so she went down on me and got me hard but I really doubted I could cum again. We went through several positions and I was really beginning to doubt that I would finish, but then I remembered my last position with Sora. So I had Mako lie down on her stomach and went in from her from behind. Bingo. I couldn't believe it.

Mako is a cute girl who is fun to talk to. I am not crazy about fake breasts and hers are pretty firm and large for her very slender body. But they were still nice and she has pretty, pink nipples. I had a good time and I may repeat when I am back in Japan in June and July. But I will only be in Tokyo for a few days on each end of the trip so I may opt for a new girl. But I definitely would not regret meeting up with Mako again.
thanks for your review!A question:is she into DFK?for me is a must!thank you!
I honestly can't remember. Sorry. That probably means that she did as I would probably remember if she resisted.