AM Am: Mako (sept. 2014)

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    Date: Sept. 2014 (so recently, yes)

    Company: Asian Mystique

    Provider: Mako

    Location: My hotel in Ginza

    35,000 yen for two hours

    I set up a meeting the day prior with Craig; with it being my birthday weekend and all I decided to enjoy my time in Tokyo with AM.

    I've always noticed when I inquire (but rarely bite) to AM regarding their available girls, they always seem to have Mako, Rio, and Yukina available and although I've read that Mako is a little on the skinnier side, I have no regrets on my selection. She's around 5' 4", skinny but not to the extent that is shown in her pictures, with a beautiful face and medium length hair with straight bangs.

    First off, I'm not the most controlling or assertive guy in the sack regardless of if I'm punting around or with a girl I personally know, so Mako took the high road from the beginning and we hit it off quite well. Her English ability is great, but we would codeswitch between Eng and Japanese when we felt more comfortable in either language. She's a great conversationalist and was quite knowledgeable about many things.

    I loved her voice, it was so full of life and she made me feel genki from the moment she stepped in the room. I didn't get much dirty work done, but it was an enjoyable experience to talk to her as she is quite worldly and once she is comfortable she can get pretty direct and assertive (which I love in women) which defies what some others have said that she is quiet and reserved. Her eyes when she is focused on something are mesmerizing, and her smooth skin is tantalizing. I can throw in various other adjectives to describe it, but I've bored you enough and urge you to try it for yourself if she seems like your type.

    Honestly worth the money I paid to have such a great companion during my last night in Tokyo.
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    Thanks for the review. Sounds like Mako still doing a excellent job.

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