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Am: Mako


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Jan 31, 2011
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Just finish a 2hr with Mako. She is very nice and upbeat. A very nice smile. She had her implants redone/removed and her breast match her body perfect. She is on the skinny side, particularly legs and harms. She does have a nice bottom to hold on to. She is shaven down below and her pussy is really tasty with some nice lips to suck on. She like really soft touches, soft rubs. She love DATY and is very responsive to it. Again it needs to be soft. I was tired from the day, so we spent most of the time talking, which was really nice of her. She can hold a conversation in english, plus she is well traveled. I felt much more like a real date than I usually do with other girls, not for the bed action but more on a chit chat level, some hostess bar charge bundles more for not 1/2 as good of a time I had with Mako. If what you are looking for is a nice girl to be with, tender moment to spend with and good in bed she is one to go for.
I was with Mako a couple of years ago. I liked her personally, we got along really well. And her attitude was great. But her body was a bit scary for me.... she looked anorexic to the degree that images of Biafra came to mind. A walking skeleton! So you say she has finally put one some flesh since then?
I would agree with you that her leg and arms could use more meat. I had never seen her before, so I can not compare if she has more flesh now than before. I did like to take her from behind and holding on to her I did have nice hips to hold on to, so for that part I did not see her as too skinny. Her skin is really white so that may had to the slimming down.
Perso, from all the ladys at AM my favorite to this day remains Nao, but she does not service the area that I am at. From Mai, Nana, Mako I have to say that Nana is the fittest, Mai the fullest (I like her best, she is my idea of a women) and Mako the skinniest.
I saw Mako about a year ago and I liked her and had a good time. I'm intrigued that you say her breasts were redone? I found them to be a little too big and hard for her body. Since you haven't seen her before I can't ask you to compare them, so did she tell you that she had downsized? Were they soft to touch? I can only imagine that she is took them out completely it might make her chest look deflated? Thanks
She told ne that she had them downsized. They felt soft to the touch, and her chest did not look deflated at all. I found them to be perfect for her size.
Thanks. I may give her another try the next time I am in Tokyo.