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AM Review: Mai


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Apr 24, 2010
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Couple of months back I was in Japan for a business trip. I made some time for appointment with another AM girl. This time my choice was between Natsu or Mai....after getting some recommendation from members of this forum I selected Mai.....

Mai arrived in time and she was pettier than what she appears in the pictures,,,she is a very classy lady and came also dressed in a nice black dress....looking very sexy. She has short hair and a very nice set of breasts. After making some small talks...we kissed and ten she started getting ready for a shower with me. I was surprised to see that under the dress she wore no panties...when asked she said that she does not like to wear panties :)

We had a nice shower with some gentle soap massage.....not only her breasts are nice but she has amazingly big nipples. We then came back to the bed...and spent some time kissing and fondling each other....slowly I went down to dine...which she thoroughly enjoyed and then she returned the favor with some nice bbbj.....very nice and slow and finished with a nice cim. Once she had washed and we had nice conversation...she is very fluent in English and can talk on various topics. we then started on the 2nd round...with missionary and then ended with a nice doggy finish.

Overall it was a great session.......with a very classy and sexy lady.....

I will be again making another Japan trip and since I like variety, I am thinking whether Natsu or Bruna...any suggestions?
Thanks for the review. Can you tell me if she was shaved or trimmed below? Also, how would you describe her body shape and weight?
Good day JimN. Just go to Asian Mystique's website and click on the Tokyo Girls tab. There are photos and body measurements.
Mai joined AM about 2 years ago. I tried her back when she was new and again recently.

On the plus side, her breasts are great to titty-fuck and her BBBJ technique is porn star wild! CIM is taken with a cheeky smile and wink, she loves DATY (being completely clean-shaven below) and has a great tongue for DFK.

On the minus side, the current website photos must be around 2 years old. She is advertised as "not a slim girl" and has gained quite a bit of weight since those photos were taken, particularly around the stomach and hips.

Overall, the sex is great, the conversation witty and entertaining, but she is hefty at the moment so expect a bouncy ride!

A few days ago I was trying to book another AM girl and before I called I told myself if she wasn't available I wouldn't ask for anyone else. Called and the girl I wanted wasn't available but the guy said he could tell me who else was available. You know how it is sometimes when you have a moment of weakness and think 'what the hell'. So when I he said Mai was available I said I'd go with her.

Mai has a mature outlook but she also has a fun personality. I really liked her sense of humor. She made fun of me a couple of times (in a friendly way) and really made me laugh. Coupled with the fact that she speaks really good English, I had a really good time talking to her. Along with her mature outlook, she has a mature fashion sense too. Classy is the way I'd describe her appearance. She is pretty, with a round shaped face and nice curvy figure. She certainly makes a good deal of effort with her presentation.

I can't be sure but I think I actually made a super huge mistake. I booked to see her at 7pm but I'd had a really crazy night the previous day and stupidly my jet lag and my night out caught up with me and I let myself fall asleep. So I finally wake up at 8pm when there is a knock on the hotel room door and in my head I was all 'Holy crap! What have I done'. I was fully expecting to be greeting a rather annoyed lady at my door considering what had happened. Instead, Mai was not only relaxed about it but even apologized to me. She said she thought maybe they had made a mistake and got the wrong time. I think it really shows quality when a girl is so patient, understanding and relaxed about things like this. I can't tell you how relieved I was considering I thought I had ruined the whole thing.

Finally, being tired I wasn't up for much, which is why it was very good that she was so easy to talk to. I probably spent quite a bit of time talking to her. But, I will say that she has a nice body, maybe a little chubby which some might not like but that is offset by the nice sized, firm breasts and lovely soft hips and bum. And she is shaved down below and very clean. Really nice to go down on.

I'd say Mai is definitely worth spending time with. I wouldn't hesitate to see her again if I had the time.