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AM review: Nana

Gaijin Neil

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Jan 11, 2013
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Hello. First post but familiar with TAG :)

I saw Nana about a week ago. After a minor mixup with the meeting point, we finally found each other and made our way to the LH. It was my first time using a LH, but I was surprised how easy and discreet the system is. Once we got to our room, I got a good glimpse of her; she is definitely in her 40s but she doesn't look bad at all for her age. Her body is gorgeous and her pussy is nicely shaved. Her tits feel fake and sucking on them felt off but it didn't bother me much. After undressing, we showered and DFK. She has soft lips which made DFK intensify in feeling. We dried off after the shower and laid in bed for more DFK. She went down on me and I must say, her BBBJ is one of the best I've ever had. Didn't take too long for the first pop. She's willing to take CIM but won't swallow. No worries. I returned the favor with DATY and although she moved like she was enjoying it, her moaning sounded a bit scripted. I went on top afterwards and fucked her missionary until pop number 2. We took a break and chatted for a bit and she went down on me again. She found lotion and jacked me off until i came again. We got another condom on and she mounted until she came. We switched positions and I fucked her missionary for the final pop; just in time for the end of session. Overall I enjoyed our time together a lot and would definitely repeat. I also tried Risa and Shizuka from nasty dolls but that was a couple years ago. If you want to find out how those went, just let me know.

I would be interested in hearing about your nasty dolls exp. have been looking at that service but have no prior exp with them. Nice review on nana. Good to know for an older escort she is fun.
My experience with nasty dolls is not bad but their response time is not as fast as AM. My last experience with them was with Risa who is supposedly now a porn star--I get to say I fucked a Japanese porn star lol. Someone mentioned awhile back that she'll bring a copy of her porn with her but I cannot confirm this. She's probably in her early 30's by now. As for nasty dolls in general, they had a reputation in the past for having unsatisfied customers but all my encounters with them haven't been bad at all.

Hope that helps!
I tried Nana recently.

The negatives: She is definitely older than 37 (her advertised age). Probably mid-40s. Not bad looking, but not cute by any means. A little stockier than I expected, with stomach scars (stretch marks, maybe) and plump legs.

The positives: Great attitude, good conversational English, and excellent service. Her breasts are enhanced, but delicious. Shaven pussy with landing strip and very receptive to DATY. Passionate coitus. Excellent BBBJ to CIM finish, and later COF (very rare!).

All in all, a solid 7/10. I may repeat.

Happy punting!
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