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AM Review: Nao


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Jan 24, 2013
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I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Nao on a recent business trip to Japan. I have long thought that Asian women were beautiful, but have never been with one. When I found out that I would be traveling to Japan, I decided that I would indulge myself this one time. I selected Nao after pouring over the reviews here, because her attitude had been highly praised -- and rightly so.

Two nights were possible for me. One was logistically better but as it would turn out physically worse -- the classic business dinner left me feeling overfull and having had too much to drink. I called AM at 11:30 PM, and was told that Nao could meet me at my hotel room by 12:20 AM. Due to the late hour, I was charged an additional 3,000¥ "late taxi fee." She knocked at my door within five minutes of the agreed upon time.

Nao is an attractive woman. She is slender and relatively tall at 5'6". I do not think that her pictures with her eyes blurred out do her justice; she is prettier than those would lead you to believe. She has very nice teeth, which was a plus for me. The clothes she was wearing were nice enough, but not overly sensual. Reading her bio about being a "naughty OL" led me to think that she would be dressed more professionally and seductively. To be fair, I hadn't paid extra for any particular costume, so YMMV. I had the money out on a table, so it was easy to conclude that part of the transaction. She checked in with AM via text, and then she was mine.

We made small talk, which was awkward. She knows how to ask routine questions such as "How are you enjoying Tokyo?" and "How was your day?" I answered politely, without revealing personal details. I didn't know which questions to ask her in response: asking her how her day went would likely be an uncomfortable subject! I would appreciate some suggestions on these forums for topics of conversation!

This was my first time with an escort, so I was unsure of how to proceed. She made it easier for me by sitting on the bed next to me, and we began kissing. LFK, and lots of it. I was still wearing a dress shirt and tie; when she began to undress me, she didn't know how to loosen the tie and instead started trying to untie it while snug. We ended up undressing ourselves. Maybe that's par for the course, but I did have that "naughty OL" vision in my head which had set an unreasonable expectation on my part. She unhooked her bra, but left it there for me to unwrap.

Nao has a wonderful body. Her ass is tight. Her breasts are proportionate, although I suspect she has firm implants which bring her to a B+ or a small C. Her nipples are divine: her areolas are brown and about the size of half dollars. They are crowned by nipples that stand out 1/4". I could have spent the entire two hours there. Her pubic hair is waxed on the sides so that it is wider than a landing strip. Her hair is longer than 1/2", but she is not fully natural. Her pussy itself is waxed clean. After exploring her body with my hands, she said it was time for us to shower which I expected after reading many posts here.

We moved to the shower where she lathered both of us up. More LFK, and at one point she turned her back to me and pressed against my cock with her ass. It was here that I realized my physical condition as far as food and booze was going to be fighting me this evening: I wasn't getting completely hard. If I may make one recommendation to future first-timers: plan your evening's activities and timing so that you can get the most out of your investment!

We finished the shower and moved back to the bed. LFK led to BBBJ. When I wasn't responding fully, I moved to DATY. That did the trick. Nao resumed the BBBJ and CIM even though I gave her ample warning (for those of you who are wondering, she did not swallow). It was simply amazing. We were about 40 minutes into the meeting.

We cuddled for a few minutes. I was worried that I was done for the evening -- one pop under the circumstances was more than I was expecting. Nao asked if I would like a massage. I said "yes," and she produced some strawberry-scented lotion from her bag of tricks. She gave me a good back rub, finding several knots. I rolled over and kissed her, then began lifting her up my body so that I could spend some time on her breasts, and eventually more DATY. She was reaching back and stroking me while straddling my face. From there we went into 69, and then she broke out a condom. She rolled it on with her fingers, and mounted me.

Nao was tight as she started to grind. And to be completely honest, it was grinding: her pubic bone felt like it was raking mine. She was fucking too hard and fast for me, at least at that moment. My erection started to wane, so I stopped her. She laid down next to me. I tried stroking myself back up, when I had an idea. I placed her hand on her own pussy, and she started masturbating. That got me hard again, so I stopped stroking myself and began lightly fingering her while she worked on her clit. I felt her orgasm on my finger (either that, or she has killer kegels). I was raring to go. Another condom, DS, and MS for the second pop. This was about 1:40 into the meeting.

I didn't want to let her leave with 20 minutes remaining, but there was no way that a third pop was in the cards for me that night. She offered me another massage, which I gratefully accepted. While she was working on my back the thought occurred to me, "I'm going to be covered in this strawberry-scented stuff; how am I going to rinse it off?" I then asked her if we could shower together again. She agreed, and we headed in there. We lathered up again and she did tried stroking me. While the sensations were good, the wood wasn't forthcoming. I got out to dry off and she stayed in a bit longer to attend to her own hygiene in private.

We said our farewells sprinkled with some last LFK, and she left. Overall it was a wonderful evening. Nao really was everything that I had hoped for in an Asian lover. She is almost archetypal in her appearance, and her attitude was a major plus especially considering my own challenges that evening. I'm not sure that I will repeat the escort experience, but if I do I would definitely want to repeat it with Nao.

Great review. I may have to add her to my list in my travels to Tokyo.
This is a similar experience than the one I had with her. She is the best from am that I had.
I can not wait to book her again.