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Am - Sarina (from The Past)


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Jan 9, 2014
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first timer here but an avid reader of the reviews. I used to meet AM and apart from the Goddess Manami, my best souvenir were with a lady named Sarina. She was a bit chubby, very cute face, nice breast and shaved. She was my first AM lady and probably the one that left the best souvenir. It was about 6 or 7 years ago and she arrived in my hotel room. We had a nice shower and then started the play. Her BJ was fantastic but the best was the doggy style which was fantastic. Her skin was soft.
I met her 2 or 3 times after then she stopped working for AM.
Does anyone remember her ?
Blast from the past. I remember seeing her years ago (2005?). As its been a while , I don't remember all the details but it was definitely a positive experience. I probably would have seen her again but she had moved on by the time I called next. I remember her telling me that she did anal, but wasn't really in to it.
Never met "Sarina", but does anyone remember "Maria"? She quit about the same time as the legendary Manami. Imho, she was right up there in the same league. Super-cute, slim, and a total nymphomaniac. Had her several times, great each time. Got to know a few personal details out of her, but alas never her e-mail.
There was also this girl from Osaka quite chubby and very fun. Cannot remember her name. I remember having her come to my hotel in meguro right after her arrival in tokyo. She was carrying her suitcase and it gave a g/f touch to the meeting.