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Am: Summary Of Sora, Nana, Mai, Tsukina, Mako + Nao, Lili, Erika


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Jan 31, 2011
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Those were the 5 girls that I saw this trip + the 3 that I saw the last years. I did not include Satsuki since she is not with AM anymore.

Erika: this was my first with AM. She has the best body of all the girls that I saw. She had this nice Japanese look to her, pure beauty. A nice toned body, very easy to aroused and a nice friendly attitude even so she is absolutely all business, do not expect GFE from her (at least I did not get any). Her english was ok to sustain an overnight (8hrs...) of pillow talk.

Lili: we did not click at all. She was a heavy smoker, an ok body but did not want to do anything other than a quick FS, bang bang you are done I am tired, good night. I had to let her go early.

Nao: whaooooo. I could not see her this time, she only serves areas that I was not at. In any case, I had the best connection with her. She opened up easily and had an honesty to her that let her opened up to more than a simple escort. I felt like on date. Her body, her demeanor hosed elegance, put a kimono on her and she would have made me believe that I was in "snow country, the novel". I really regret to not have seen her again.

Mako: Interesting. She is a real pro. Her body is to skinny for my taste and she is too much about her look. Performance was ok, nothing to write about (nor was mine, so it probably goes both way). She is a sweetie and well versed.

Mai: Nice to be with, Very warm attitude and honesty. She does not like to be touched above the shoulders which can put a damper on things. Her english is impeccable for conversing with. She is well traveled and has many interests. Her body is great to play with, not skinny by any means, but really soft to touches. FS doggy style holding her hips was heaven.

Nana: I really liked nana, I tried to book her again but she was not available. She is a mature women in all the good terms of mature. She knows what works and does not. Her body is top (yes she has stretched marks, but that is not a problem for I). her breast implants need some improvement. What I loved about her was to see her lick her lips when receiving. She was able to totally let herself go and "make love", and that in my book requires someone to be able to relax and she at least made be believe that she was there. She rocked my boat. The minus was her limited english, but it was not a problem for us, we had other ways to communicate and the depth of her eyes was.... miammmmm

Tsukina: She is on the bigger side, but she is very smart. Her english is ok. She has traveled and been places. She is also the wild. As advertised on the site she does anal, but get to know her and you will find she has other side in her arsenal. inhibition is not part of her vocabulary. It was a really nice time with her, but beware you may want to be on top :)

Sora: She has a very nice body, petite but firm. She was the hardest for me to get connected with (even when compared to lilli). She is very quiet and need to be told what to do. She did not initiate anything and would have been content to stay in one corner of the bed. She likes techno music, so maybe I needed to get some for her to move :) Her english is minimal, added to a quiet nature it can make for a silent night.

Singing out of Tokyo.

Happy punting.
Yeah, if you've got that much extra cash, I've got a PayPal account that could use a few extra digits! :LOL:

Seriously though, thanks for your contribution to the community. (y)
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