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Oct 4, 2013
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Wow maybe it's just me. I had a date setup with Eri that was ruined by a tsunami in October (I called to cancel [well before their time limit]). Ever since then, I've asked tons of questions, basically shopping around before buying, and now every time I ask about Ai or Anna, I get told they only see repeat customers. I see this as a problem for two reasons:

1. How do they know if you're a repeat customer if they say they don't keep your email/phone number on file?

2. How in the world did Anna accumulate repeat customers that quickly? I remember only first seeing her on their website around Nov. or Dec.

They need to take down the pics of girls that aren't available to non-repeat customers!!!!!!!!!! Nao doesn't meet at love hotels, Hiromi doesn't meet at love hotels, Ai & Anna only see repeat customers. All of this needs to be mentioned on their website. After seeing everyone on here post great reviews about AM, I'm beginning to think it's just me.

******Warning to future AM customers: Don't ask too many questions and just take what is offered.******

On a side note, my Japanese is actually decent enough to get into some pink salons, soaplands, and some deri heru, so in the mean time, AM will not be receiving my business.
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