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AM Tsukina [Review]


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Jan 16, 2011
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I am going to make this very quick : add 20kg to the official pictures & no real skills
Thank you, you might have saved me some money.If you are looking for nice curves you might like Ai.
Zannen desu. I saw that she added been added to the depressingly short anal list and I was thinking of giving her a try. Guess I'll just save my money instead.
Me too i have a very bad experience with her .
and i was a very good customer :mad:
what kind of bad experience, ejoby? do tell.
it does say on AM's site she is not slender...which is a nice way of saying.....
When I saw her bubble up to me at the meeting spot, I was like, "wow, that picture needs to change". I'd never had guessed it was her if she didn't come up to me. We did enjoy ourselves though, and I appreciated her full figure. Sweet girl, GFE. Detailed review coming soon...
Was she shaved or unshaven? Did she offer BBBJ or CIM? Inquiring minds wanna know.
I'm still savoring the experience with Tsukina, and I'm really bummed that I'm back in the States, after just a weekend.

Looks : 5/10 (could stand to tone up, esp. face)
Body : 6/10 (tallish, thick and firm)
GFE : 7/10 (nice to be with)
BJ: 7/10 (BBBJ, better than most)
Sex : 6/10 (decent, but nothing spectacular)
Kiss: 6/10 (good, no DFK, but I prefer it light with new girls)
Kitty: (trimmed, small lips)
Massage: N/A

The day I flew into Tokyo (Friday), I made a 2-hour appointment with AM for Saturday night, in search of a lady with some meat on her. I was assigned Tsukina, and eagerly anticipated our rendezvous, despite some of the less-than-glowing reviews of her.

Saturday night couldn't come soon enough, and I actually got butterflies as I waited for her at the meeting spot. As mentioned in a prior post, when she bubbled up to me (bubbly personality), I was like, "wow, that picture needs to change". I'd never had guessed it was her if she didn't come up to me. She must have registered the surprise on my face, and asked if she was OK. I was initially taken aback by the picture difference, but nevertheless I really liked what I saw: she fills out a pair of jeans.

I wanted her to take me to a LH, and we spent a couple minutes just chatting and going to different spots near Shibuya station, looking for places that were reasonable and available. I mention this because it seems some girls just want to get the date over with, and thus storm into the first place available, regardless of size/price/quality. I'm thinking she's got some class, this girl (note: this is my first AM girl, so I'm not sure how much of it is due to their training with this company, and how much is personality). We also went to a combini beforehand to grab a few things to drink, so we could chillout and enjoy the date. All the while, she would brush into me, very subtly, but at the same time pretty obviously. I liked that. I can speak and understand a fair amount of Japanese, which she liked, (and she enough English), so conversationally we could explore a number of topics pre- and post- coitus.

Alright, down to business: we get into the LH of our choice, and I sit on the couch while she turns on the AC, starts the ofuro, and puts on some jazz. We crack open the wine, and have ourselves a little toast. I was so taken in with her and the moment that I forgot to offer her the envelope with my gratitude in it. Chastened, I fetched the envelope and excused myself to the gents. Moments later, we were back on the couch, just enjoying getting to know each other, while we conversed on a number of topics, and did some light kissing.

10 minutes pass, and she begins to undress, taking off her top, and sliding down the bra that had been keeping her sweater meat at bay. To her surprise (I think), I kept my eyes focused on her eyes rather than on her breasts (nothing like self control to make a woman wonder about you, and I enjoyed reading her expressions). At any rate, we both undress and enter the shower area, where she proceeds to soap me down and rinse me off. I enter the tub, and she follows, displacing most of the water with her girth. Facing each other, she's giving me feather-light kisses and caressing my member, piercing me with her sharp gaze. This is not a shy girl, and I'm enjoying the eye games, alternating between sucking on her smallish nipples and kissing her juicy lips.

5 minutes later, we dry off and proceed to the bed. I place her down and slowly start kissing all over. I'm kissing her arms, pit, nipples, sides, ears, and she's making the sounds I love to hear. I'm carressing her trimmed kitty with one hand, and flicking her tongue with mine. Next thing I know, I'm DATY, but only for a minute before getting distracted by some thing else I wanted to do. Moments later, I feel her warm lips all over me, and I'm getting some really wonderful BBBJ, with her slurping like a champ. She must have thought me weird though, for a few minutes later, I'd asked her to stop. No fault of hers, I'm sure there's tons of dudes who would love her technique, but I'm just not into the BJ, and wish I could find a girl who would be extra gentle with me. If any of you girls are reading this, Charles likes it gentle, sorta how you like your clit sucked. Since I didn't finish with BBBJ, I've no idea whether she does CIM.

Again, I'm on top, kissing and sucking. She produces a condom, slides it on with her lips, and guides me in. I'm teasing her, and being extra playful and gentle. She's not bad, but sadly, her performance is on the minus side of the fence, though she makes the effort. I could not help but be dissappointed, just a bit: it takes me 30 minutes of missionary, cowgirl, pauses (she needed a break from multiple o's) and a variety of other positions before I finally pop. She's orgasmic; not sure if this was just for show, but she claims to have come several times.

Afterwards, I curl her into my arms and we cuddle for at least 20 minutes chatting about this and that. I feel I got to know her, and she me (at least the personas we chose to share with each other). For me, it's nice having a woman who can follow a conversation and broaden the experience; being exhausted from my trip, I really craved mental attention more than sex. During clean up, she gives me a light massage on my palms... nothing I couldn't do on my own frankly, but it was a nice gesture.

To summarize: she's got a rack, firm and natural. She's got a large solid ass that just begs to be bitten and spanked (I didn't do either, and I regret forgetting to go DS on that ass). She's got a pretty and tasty kitty, that grips your warmly. She's a nice person to be around, with a cute, yet adult personality, able to carry a conversation; the type I'd ask to be my girlfriend if we'd met under different circumstances. However, I must confess that sexually, I found her only adequate, not someone to blow my socks off.

When we went out, she stopped long enough to give me a detailed description how to get to my next destination. She desired a peck on the cheeks, I obliged, and I watched her walk away. I do miss her, even though I'd be hard pressed to repeat...