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Am: Tsukina


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Jan 31, 2011
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I had to try tsukina, and I had a really nice 2hrs. As mentioned in previous post she has curves and is not small, but she is a real champ. You have to warm her up, she is very responsive to touches and once she is turned on, she is a dynamo. She does a lot of sports and is well traveled. A minor negative is a her limited english, which may put a damper on deeper conversations, but for chit chat and letting her know what you like or for her telling you what she likes, there is no problem there. She also knows a lot of the other AM girls, she is in 2 girls and costume play. We did not have a costume, but we did exchange some play ideas :).
She is not shaved, just the regular bikini shave. She taste really nice, once you get pass the lotion that the girls are using nowadays (it taste very alcohol like to me). She can come easily and has a nice clutch of the hips. Her kissing is light, no deep french kiss.
Overall, I really enjoyed my time and would do a repeat if time permits it.

From the three girls I saw this time, I put Nana on the top as for the body fitness, Tsukina for the attitude and ability to play, Mai for the GFE and english.