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Sep 11, 2009
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Today, I'm adding Amanda here since she's advertising herself as a full service companion in the Osaka/Kobe/Kyoto area.

You can see here Girl's Directory profile with pictures, here:

Contact Points:
Telephone: 50-5539-7651
Email: admanda @ [Remove Spaces]

Booking: 24 Hours Advance Notice needed.

Her Rates are as follows:

1 Hour = 30,000 Yen
2 Hours = 55,000 Yen
Additional Hours = 20,000 Yen
Special Requests = 35,000 Yen/Hour, Flat Rate

If anyone has any experience with Amanda, please let us know by posting a review. We're looking for information on more reliable Caucasian escorts in Japan as a whole.

Amanda said:
Hello! My name is Amanda and I am a full-service companion in the Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe area. I'm 155cm tall, with clear pale skin, blue eyes, and curly dark hair. I wear a 36D/80E bra and a US size 8; I'm an all-natural curvy, sensuous treat that I promise you'll love to touch.

My greatest desire for the two of us to have a fantastic time together, and enjoy each other in every way possible. I truly believe my work to be about companionship, in the full sense of the word, and aim to arouse your imagination and mind as thoroughly as your senses!

I am open, warm, engaging, educated, talkative, and I love meeting new people. I'm deeply sensual and adore all manner of pleasures, from delicious food and a well mixed cocktail to soothing massage much, much more ;)

Nihongo demo shaberemasu no de, okigaru ni gorenraku kudasai!

I have seen this lady's profile before but I don't know of anyone in Tokyo that's made an appointment with her. There's absolutely nothing posted on her as far as Google knows. She does have that curvy appeal and she doesn't look like a freak like some of these other non-asian escorts floating around.

I wonder what else she does...
never heard of her.
needs more pics on that profile page of hers.
Isn't she a bit chunky?

...or is that just a bad picture? (on the GD site)