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An amazing afternoon with Emi at Nokyung Thai Massage Ueno


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Mar 12, 2017
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An amazing afternoon with Emi at Nokyung Thai Massage Ueno

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Nokyung Course

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2 Hours + Spring Discount 15k

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April 2024

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English Only

Narrative of the Encounter:
I've been lurking and biding my time since my last review here (which was years ago, lol) and I thought I'd make a comeback with going to Nokyung Thai Massage in Ueno. So I based it from the another review on here on the forum which was pretty damn spot on.

Coming off from a sleepless flight and a battered body from working for so damn long, I thought to myself that I need to soothe these aching muscles of mine. I researched other places but it was also the closest massage place from where I'm staying. So after having lunch in Akihabara, I just made my way to Nokyung as they opened. It's very close to JR okachimachi. When I reached the location I rang the intercom and it was Emi who answered the door. She asked me if I had an appointment (I did try contacting thru whatsapp and google maps chat function.) Although I never got a reply, until I actually finished with the whole thing but YMMV. I asked if walk in is ok and she happily obliged. I was also the first customer of the day during this time. As I went literally maybe 3-5 minutes right after they opened. So she sat me down and asked what course I would like and I opted for the Nokyung course 2 hours (16k) . I also mentioned the spring campaign on the website and that slashed 1k off the total. I pay her the money she offers me a drink and I take the jasmine tea while getting escorted to our room. And all the standard protocol came thru. She told me to take my clothes off, take a shower and lie down on the mat. Now just to compare from the last time I had a general massage which was almost like a decade ago and I was overly ticklish so it didn't really set the standards too high. Well Emi changed all of that. The whole interaction was in English and she took care of me like I'm a whole mess of cables you just throw in your bag and that was the most soothing massage of my life. Mind you this was also my first time for a Thai Massage. The 2 hours felt like time slowed down as she started to work on my legs while I lay flat and just meticulously unloose all these stiff muscles I have. Her force was quite balanced. It never felt painful one bit and I literally had to catch myself dozing off from time to time since it was so relaxing. The first hour and a half she just kept giggling as my ticklish nature is still there but she managed to calm me down like I walked in to that establishment like the hulk and I came out like Bruce Banner with perfect control of his hulk persona. Once I flipped over she was so ever delicate to go thru each muscle of my body. Then came the HE part . My hands had free reign to touch her and she was clothed. I caressed her ass which was plump like the first peach fruit of the season. On top of that, I got to caress her great tits even going as far as sliding my hand in to her nipples and she was all cool with it. Her HJ was very nice to say the least while she would play and lick my nipples at the same time. I literally took my sweet time for my canon to shoot but it was like the fireworks on the 4th of July once I came. She then gave me a great head massage and that was that. That was my very first Thai massage with HE and damn, I realized why didn't I partake in this sooner? Well, better late than never right? She offered me a drink again which I asked for cola and went on my day and now to write this review while going back to my hotel.

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No, this review was written without a request from the service or their provider.

Final Thoughts:
Recommended, Will Repeat.

Closing Comments:
I didn't get to nominate but my luck once again blessed me like the heart of the cards like yugi and before I leave Tokyo I'll definitely be back. I feel like my body just went to an amazing vacation for 2 hours and Emi was the goddess that soothed and healed my battered body. Now I just need to take a trip to the sento and drink Chill out after. It was truly bliss.
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Thanks for the update. HE is always included at that place ?
Nice review chill out drinks are so good.
thanks for the review! Thinking of checking out the shop this week. Has anyone seen May or Jenny? Do either of them speak English as well?
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