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    Date/Time: Aug 8, early evening

    Provider: Anna Summer
    Contact Info:

    Type/Location: Independent; hotel in Ningyocho

    Language Specifics: English. She is German, which I don't speak, and both of our Japanese is not the best.

    Session Length/Fee: 1hr/$250

    Physical Description:
    As mentioned elsewhere, I'm mostly blind, so take things as you will. The description on her website is pretty accurate. She's ~5'6"/170cm. Her hair is brown in a short pixie cut. Her face is quite attractive, though I feel it skews more towards the cute end of the spectrum. Her eyes are on the darker end of hazel. She is very slender, a waif. Her breasts are small and firm. Skin is smooth and soft.
    Anna is soft spoken and was so through the the entirety of our meeting. Her pitch is lower soprano. Her accent is not very strong, and my hard-of-hearing American ear had no trouble following her.

    I met her near the station since the hotel required a card to get in, plus I never saw the sign for the hotel (she pointed it out to me). I am chatty, and the conversation was very enjoyable through the entire meeting (I learned some interesting things related to some of her posts here.

    Shower play was straight forward and nice. Anna is a very nice kisser. The rest of the affair was very enjoyable. I'm too old for multiple rounds, so I go for one quality round, and Anna delivered quite nicely.

    Anna offers a massage afterwards, if time permits. Our time was a bit on the short side by the time we finished, but she has a good touch for the brief bit I received. Then I walked her back to the station.

    All in all, I had a wonderful time with Anna. For the experience, her rates are simply the best, and honestly, I think she is worth more - at least the same as AM - if not more

    Recommendation: Yes!
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    Thanks for the review.

    Yes. That sexy pixie cut!

    If I didn't have any business trip next week. I would book her again in a heartbeat!
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    thanks for the post.
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    Sounds interesting for a change. I will make my appointment and comments when I return from holiday in 2 weeks.

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