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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Anna Summer - IND

    Date of Encounter:
    Feb 2018

    Contact Method:

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    2 hours - $500 USD

    5 star hotel

    Language Notes:

    Details of the Encounter:
    Anna Summer was the first encounter with an escort (of many) during my recent trip to Tokyo. The first and most memorable in many ways. Allow me to explain.

    I sent her an email requesting a date right around the time that she was crazy busy with her life. I was afraid that she wasnt going to be able to squeeze me in, but she replied that she could on one the days that I suggested. We ironed out some of the details, including two requests that I had: I wanted her to lead, and I wanted to take a bubble bath with her. She obliged on both requests.

    On the night of the date, I was a nervous wreck. I told her as much when she walked into the room, as I admired her beauty, but Anna has a very calming air about her. We talked a lot about many topics in an effort to help my nerves settle and it worked.

    After a while, she suggested that we jump into the bath that I had prepared ahead of time. As she undressed, I knew I hit the jackpot. My type is a girl with an athletic build, and Anna definitely delivered. Her body is damn near perfect, and the highlight for me was her incredibly toned stomach. I'm sure she caught me staring at it many times during our date.

    There were some playful moments in the tub. Light kissing, running my hands up and down her body and that sort of thing. I enjoyed this moments as it truly felt like gfe.

    After some time in the tub, she suggested we hop out. We dried off and sat on the couch in the hotel room. We kissed some more, and she started to give me a blowjob. Her technique is awesome. It was very sensual and it felt amazing. After capping me she got on top while I sat in the couch, a position that I later realized was her favorite because she was in complete control. I did not mind this at all, because watching her perfect body bouncing up and down on top of me is a memory that I'll never forget. She started off nice and slow, but soon she was bouncing up and down pretty rapidly, and its safe to say that she absolutely rocked me. I finished in this position because she was so good.

    She cleaned me up and we talked for short while. We talked about food, what cities in Germany I should visit, as well as cultural differences of where shes from and where I'm from.

    After another amazing blowjob, she capped me again and mounted me once more. We tried missionary for a while and a little bit of doggy, but none of the other positions were as good as when she was on top, so we switched back to her riding me and I blew another load.

    We talked some more until our time was up. I was pretty sad as she was getting dressed. I tried sneaking in a few more looks at her body before she was fully dressed.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, Will Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    Anna is a beautiful and lively woman. Highly educated, well spoken and well mannered. She has an absolutely killer body and is a joy to look at. She is very skilled in the arts of love and absolutely enjoys her time on top. Treat her well and you can't go wrong.
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    Thanks for the review Naruto kun!

    Anna, Anna, Anna, should I make my list longer? So many reasons to stop playing around and start a profitable business!

    Edit: I’m talking about buying gold on mobile games ofc.
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    I’ve had a great time with you, when you were here :) it was a pleasure to meet and getting to know you!

    I wish you alle the best :love:
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