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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Campus Night Ikebukuro

    Date of Encounter:
    5th July 2018

    Contact Method:

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    45min - 6000yen (using coupon)


    Language Notes:
    (Very) Basic Japanese

    Details of the Encounter:
    So I get off work and make my way to the train station, only to learn that my line was experiencing delays. I could get as far as Ikebukuro with the trusty mosh pit that is the JR Yamanote Line. The location seemed convenient to wait for my line to get back in order, and I had been reading the reviews of Campus Night with some interest.

    The building was a quick walk from Ikebukuro East exit, and down the stairs on the right of a Yoshinoya. I was greeted by the older gentleman manning the door, who was fine with my foreigner status (although I'm East Asian and can pass for Japanese). There are English rules pasted by the door so the establishment is probably alright with foreigners. I used the 45min-5000yen coupon from NightsNet, but was politely informed that that rate is for before 18:00 and it would be 6000yen. Considering that's still a 40% discount, I was happy to accept.

    Mouthwash, hand-spray and drink order later, I was in a nice corner cubicle enjoying the music which was probably from a club playlist that was popular 5 years ago. I had a little wait (less than 10min) before my first girl of the set was brought over. Sadly, between my nervousness and the loud music, I didn't catch the names of any of the girls so will have to go with numbers.

    Girl 1
    She was average height, cute, not too forward. Started with some light kissing with some tongue thrown in after a while. Unzipped her sailor uniform to play with her classic Japanese A-cup breasts (she apologized that they were small, but I'm didn't mind.) We sat side-by-side making out and groping until she was called away.

    Girl 2
    Also average height, not as cute as Girl 1 (but only a little), also A- or B-cup but much more adventurous. Kissing went from light to deep pretty quickly, then she moved to my lap so I could play with her boobs more. Less kissing at that point, but my mouth was occupied with other areas so I didn't mind.

    Girl 3
    She was the (metaphorical, thank goodness) climax of the session. Japanese C-cup, aggressive kisser and wearing an over-sized men's shirt instead of the sailor uniform. She got on my lap pretty quickly, the shirt was unbuttoned and shrugged off (mostly by me), leaving her shoulders and chest bare. This gave me plenty of bare skin to run my fingers over while my mouth was occupied and she grinded against me. I was sad to see her rotate out and now I wish I could remember her name.

    Girl 4
    She was the negative side of YMMV, but it worked out well since she was last in the rotation and my time was almost up. Average face, generous boobs, but not an enthusiastic kisser. I ended up 'spooning' with her and playing with her nipples while the fellow downstairs recovered from no. 3's advances. In a weird way, felt like a 'cooldown' of sorts; similar to post-coital cuddling where you're just enjoying the skinship instead of trying to warm up for another round.

    Then, my time was up and I was led out by no. 4. (Left my drink half-finished now that I think about it.)

    Overall Impression
    Quality was medium to high but you do have to initiate or the girls will be happy to just chat and burn time. Nothing forceful, I just had to turn their faces toward me as I leaned in and they started responding. The blue-ball aspect might not appeal but all in all a nice way to spend 45mins. I might start budgeting 6000yen more in my weekly expenses.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, Will Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    Wish I could claim the expense as Japanese lessons, although there wasn't much talking involved.

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