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Another Janjan Review


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Jan 3, 2014
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So. I tried going to strawberry club, but couldn't find it. Ended up at Jan Jan. It was my first time, and great. Girl was 7/10 in my opinion. Nice natural tits, average face, but nice wet pussy. My Japanese is atrocious. She spoke a bit of broken English and I speak a tiny bit of Japanese so there was some small talk. She then asked me to pull down my pants, and sucked on my nipples, allowed me to suck on hers, then the blowing happened. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm quite big, but she still got it in her mouth quite far (more than the tip) . She was friendly. Bj was a decent 7.5/10. The tout at the front waved me in from the alleyway entrance, Lol. She let me finger her pussy which seemed genuinely wet.
Little dodgy inside....but great service. I had to wait about 12 minutes for the girl.
Arrive before 7, 3000 yen. After 7 is 4000 yen. They make sure you don't leave at the same time as another guy in the interest of discretion which is sorta good, although inside you can see faces of other people. Just look away as if your at a busy row of urinals
Are you sure about the before 7 bit? I thought I read somewhere the discount is only before 5pm.
Well I got there Well after five. By the time service ended it was after 7, Maybe half past, or quarter past. I also asked the girl, she said, after 7, 4000¥…so pretty confident
I went for the first time today, Tuesday. Got there about 630 to 645pm (got lost on the trains). Maybe got there as late as 655pm. I came over from the place right across from them after not being able to bust a nut. The mama San ot whatever you want to call her told me it was 3k.

Seated me up front to the left by their access door to the kitchen or whatever. The seats here are above my head when seated. Provided good privacy. Saw one guy had some chick upside down in a 69, didn't see her face but he looked to be enjoying himself.

Brings me some cold tea and says something (don't understand any Japanese). 5 minutes later,. Some chick in we least. Her mid 40 comes over. She looked decent compared. To the last. Place but that's relatively speaking. She had short blonde or brunette hair with a round face. I didn't ask for a name because I forgot. How to ask in Japanese. She asked me something and I just said "no nihongo". Lol. She's probably a 3.5 to 4 / 10.

I was hoping her bj technique was better. And, it was. Something she did with her tongue made it hard. Or maybe because she looked better by a mile compared to the last two. It also wasnt dark in the place at all. As she was giving the bj, I removed her hand and tried to signal for her to go down deeper. She didn't really try but she gave a enthusiastic 7-10 minute bj before I did cim. She let me finger her during the whole time. Seemed to get wet but in hindsight, I should. Have kept the finger. Clean.

She used slightly warm. And 1 cold. Towel at the beginning to wipe. And, used the other 3-4 towels. To clean up afterwards. I think she spit some. Out and swallowed the rest. I do wish they would use wet wipes for cleaning and cleanup. Towels are pretty damn dirty.

Would I repeat, probably. Not sure If I want to change Nihomaru tomorrow... More concerning the cleanliness. Of all. This considering how. Easily they do cim.
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