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Another review of Darling Harbor - July 2013


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Jul 5, 2013
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I have been to Naniwa a couple of times and have generally been pleased with the service available there, but I wanted something different. So, I read some generally favorable reviews of Darling Harbor on this website. I had a day off this week, and, everything worked out nicely. Prior to arriving, I called the soapland on the phone. The person who answered spoke English, and told me to go to Nippori station (not Ueno or Minowa). Nippori is a large, busy place. I am a very Anglo gaijin, and speak minimal Japanese., but I live in Tokyo and understand the culture and etiquette pretty well.

I arrived later in the afternoon (around 5pm), and exited the east exit (by the McDonalds - always a good landmark for us gaijin), and called again. This time the fellow who answered the phone spoke no English, and my Japanese is poor at best, so he asked me to call back in a few minutes. This is not generally my style, so I went to the cab stand, got in a cab, and said "Yoshiwara onigaishimasu." A few minutes after we drove off, my phone rang - it was the English-speaking guy. I told him I was in a taxi, and put the phone on speaker and let him talk to the cabbie.

Upon our arrival, a man ran out and paid the cab fare for me (nice touch, I didn't expect this). They brought me into the club, sat me down in a waiting room, and brought me a drink. Then they brought out about 6 photos of the girls who were working. One named Natsuko was highly recommended. I decided to go with her. Looking later at the website, I notice that she is 24 in Yoshiwara years (32-ish!, well, hell I'm in my thirties also) but I can affirm that she is very kawaii (cute) with a pretty face and slender body. Amazing ass but smallish tits (large A or small B). 100 minutes for 34,200 yen. Straight off the system schedule.

Where she really excelled was giving a true GFE session from beginning to end. Lots of deep kissing, she moaned like she was enjoying herself, and she also liked to tease and act playful. I think most people who go mongering understand that part of the fun is when the girl is able to make you believe that she is enjoying herself as much as you are. Natsuko was great at this. Hopefully she actually did have some fun, but if not, she made me think she was, and that's all you can really ask for. Her style is playful/affectionate Japanese GF.

We did the standard soapland circuit: making out on the bed, uncovered BJ (not to orgasm), some 69, she let me lick and play with her ass but I did not want to ask for anal since this was my first time there - she finished me off the first time slipping the condom over my did during the BJ (wouldn't have even noticed but the Japanese condoms are a little snug on me) and awesome cowgirl fuck session. Her pussy was really nice, shaved except she kept the hair up top. In a Japanese note, that hair was pretty long, and not trimmed. But much nicer than some of the shaggy bushes I've seen here!

Then she put showered me and put me in the bathtub, with lots of kissing and playing on the way. She threw some foaming bath salts in with me and showered off. Then she started another BJ in the bath and got me good and aroused again.

Another pause, and the nuru mat came out. More playing and kissing while she prepared the lotion, and then she laid me down on the mat and did the full blown nuru (more BJ, which completed with another forward and reverse cowgirl) she was pretty awesome bouncing on me and the mat - I was kind of in awe at her ability to stay balanced.

After the nuru, she put me back in the tub while she rinsed off. Then she joined me in the tub and more playing, sucking and screwing commenced. Having climaxed a THIRD time, we got out and she ordered drinks for us - she talked me into a Calpis soda which I can't stand, but she was so cute about it I figured what the hell.

We followed up with about ten minutes of cuddling and kissing. I think either I was making her pussy sore or she was really trying to get me off with her mouth, because she started sucking my dick for a really long time, high velocity, plenty of suction, but generally after one blast I can't come a second (or third or fourth time) orally, so we moved around and I started going at her from behind. After a few minutes of this, I realized that I hadn't even tried missionary with her yet, so we flipped over and did missionary and she got me off a fourth time that way.

I was still pretty turned on (she might have been flagging, but she didn't show it) and so we ended up using her fifth and final condom (yeah, I was keeping an eye on 'em) but after four goes I couldn't muster a fifth, so while we were screwing the alarm went off to wrap up. We kept going for a couple more minutes and then *I* faked my final climax because we just weren't going to get there. I was spent, she seemed to be as well. A few minutes cuddling and very sweet kissing and hand-holding followed as we got dressed.

She gave me her card, and held my hand and gave me a final deep kiss staring into my eyes right before I left. I followed up with my most genuine hug and a kiss on both cheeks. I left feeling like I was leaving a good friend.

Natsuko is an outstanding service provider, and a real sweetheart to boot.

After I left I just had this stupid smile on my face, and it stayed there for the rest of the evening. The driver dropped me and another satisfied customer off at the south entrance to Nippori station.

These folks are obviously Gaijin-friendly, and I can't say enough nice things about Natsuko.
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Nice review. Do you have a link to Natsuko's photo from their website?