any escort service with western girls?


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Jan 2, 2010
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I've been in Japan for so long that I wouldn't mind getting a nice western girl once in a while.

Some of the results in google ("tokyo escort") look way to nice to be true (girls with perfect body and face, affordable price..hum...) so a list of trusted places would be great. Thanks in advance :)
Hiya Jim,

Most those sites that look too good to be true - usually are.

Let me poke around my resouces and see what I can dig up. I hadn't considered a shop that provides Western girls.
welcome to the forum jim! nice to see a new face. i've looked around for shops or agencies that provide western girls. let's wait to see what spirit man finds in his resources, I hope he has something good.

many, many shops that advertise western girls are usually sketchy or it is a situation of bait and switch.
@Xeryu, you lazy bastard....

I did some quick checking around and picked up one possible source:

The site is in Japanese but it's fairly easy to follow. There are no rules posted on the types of clients they accept. It also seems they are located in Sugamo, they were formerly in Ikebukuro.

The girls are from various places around the world, so have a look around. Please know that I don't have anyone with first-hand knowledge of this service provider. A quick phone call to a friend in the delivery health business pointed me to this shop that has a decent reputation among the Japanese clients.

I would like to know how high the demand is for Western girl services. If there is a good size demand, then I would like to get a few vetted sources to our verified list.

If I can get more information on this shop or another one, I'll pass it along. I apologize for not having a lot of information up-front. (Just didn't plan on the Western girls :) )
Going to have to put my foot in the door here guys!

Right then, for clarity sake, note that I'm not an expert in this field.

Getting Western girls in Japan has been difficult, or better yet, getting quality Western girls is difficult. So many fake ads with fake pictures, the usual scam of "give us your credit card number if you want to confirm the date". Bollocks! The "B&S" or more closely known to me as the bull&shit move, is common too.

I've just recently popped back in Japan after a length holiday, will have to get caught on things around here.

Jim~nice to make your acquaintance.
I finally got the opportunity to test this service.
For those too bothered to read, it was ok but not great.

I chose Valentina (my first choice was mia but she wasn't available).
Making a reservation was extremely difficult. With asian mystique, it is always possible to meet the girls anywhere, and walk together to a love hotel. But here, not only did they want me to already have a room booked, it had to be in Sugamo.
The old guy on the phone wasn't really nice, although that's understandable because I had to call him numerous time to get things clear. In the end things worked out, I was able to schedule both a hotel in Sugamo (had to do it myself, people who don't speak Japanese can't do this, but I don't expect people who don't speak japanese to look for this kind of service with Western girls anyways), and the girl.
The guy had to call her to confirm if she was ok with gaijins, by the way.
When I reached the hotel, the guy called me directly at the hotel to make sure this wasn't a scam or a trap, I don't know, but this was quite a stressful experience. Also, he used the opportunity to tell me this wasn't the full thing, only "health service", and that I had to agree with the idea because lots of gaijins didn't understand that quite correctly.
This one was quite a shock. I thought it was cheap for a "full service" system, but I think it's expensive for just "health service".

The girl came to my hotel room right in time. She was the girl shown on the picture, but obviously they lied on her age, and the pictures are heavily photoshopped (or she had awesome makeup on the pictures). So, she was ok, but a bit of a disappointment. Big fake breasts, big fake but, not really my thing, but oh well. She had very cute eyes, though.
Also she is said to be English on the site, which is a white lie. She told me she was born in England, but she is Spanish, and doesn't speak English at all. All communication was in Japanese but she wasn't so good at it either. So long for the "exotic western experience"

She confirmed that it was only "health", and asked 20'000 for 1h. She then told me that "more" was possible for an extra 20'000. I guess they are allowed to do that if they like the client, or something, I don't know, but I wouldn't suggest "forcing" it on the girl unless she suggests it herself. I (really) didn't have that amount of money on me, so after negotiating we agreed on 10'000 extra for the full thing.
So the total was 30'000 for one hour (after negotiating!) which is roughly the same price as Asian mystique.

She seemed to truly enjoy her time while we were doing it, making sure several times that I was doing things she liked (which, well, I actually like the idea that the girl might be enjoying it at least a little bit...). We then talked a bit, but I wasn't in the mood for a long talk so I decided to go.

I'm not a "huge" user of these services, but after trying asian mystique and this, I'm not sure anymore if I'm just bored with the whole thing, or if was just not in the mood after all the hassle I went through to get this reservation, but basically I felt it wasn't worth the money, mostly because of the accumulation of "small issues". Difficult to book a girl, getting told it isn't the full thing AFTER I booked everything, the girl not really looking like her picture,etc...

Anyways, it was alright but I'm not sure I'll go there again soon. It is still ok if you are getting bored with asian mystique.
As Kias said, getting quality western girls is probably difficult :(
Jim, thank you. i am reading your review in more detail now, thank you for that. it seemed like a lot of trouble
Jim, wow...

I almost feel bad for even mentioning that place but it was the only one I could come up with a possible 'real' solution.

However, I'm not surprised in the results. That seems to be the typical scenario that you ran into. It almost sounded like a really bad date from Club Boo. (the extra fees and all...)

Until there is a reputable agency with reputable girls, I'd stick with the main four Japanese providers we talk about here. Although, Nasty Dolls is going to get dropped with all of the recent negativity floating around about them.

Thanks for yout detailed report Jim and I'm truly sorry to hear about the experience.
I'll just echo what TokyoSpirit said, thanks for your report and sorry to hear about your experience.

Better luck next time with a different shop, I think!
Yeah, I know, it's an older post but I've got some comments.

There are a very FEW select independent girls that come and go in Tokyo, but none of them hang around for long and it's sheer luck on what your experience might be like.

I do cast a vote for a new agency that has quality asian girls and non-asian girls. I would like to have a fine white chick from time to time. Too much yellow fever will make a guy sick you know?
Thanks a lot for the information guys. I have used Asian Mystique on a few occasions and have been quite satisfied with the service. I've even met my "companion" in Yokohama.

If you can and you find one that seems to enjoy her time with you, request her a few times. I'm sure you'll find the investment worth while. ;)
I too would like more solid information about services offering Western girls. I've used a few services that used fake pictures. A few times I was very happy with the girls, but not often enough.

I also prefer duo bookings if possible and it's not always clear what services offer this, and more importantly if the two girls will be into each other or not, which is really the whole point, isn't it?
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