any review for these ??


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Mar 18, 2012
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Hi guys,
I've just found some gaijin friendly services on erolin. But I couldnt find any review about these on forum.
Please write your reviews if you have.



These three service have really beautiful ladies. But they are good ? did you try them ? And Full Service is possible for them ?

We are not aware of any published reviews for any of these sites you mentioned.

If these are standard delivery health establishments, then full service would not be provided. Erolin has even has marked these services as "No Intercourse".

I've received information that these girls here are Chinese and most likely not the girls pictured on the site. The Chinese girls aren't bad looking, but definitely not the ones on the site.

This comes from a Japanese guy who has used the service.

The other two sites are not discussed on any of the usual Japanese review boards, which means that these girls are likely not Japanese either. Usually, most all delivery health sites have some type of feedback by Japanese clients but we couldn't find any posted in the usual spots.

We hope this information is helpful.
Hi Chris,

Thanks for your help. I hope somebody can write review for other two sites. Especially for "Deri-ly" :)
Otherwise I will try tokyomeltykiss ...

The girls on the little mermaid site are hot but sorry to say they're all fake. I recognized some of them, some taiwanese and some korean, and the photos are ripped off the photo albums they shared online.

Photoshop is the norm for Japan fuzoku websites but if they post totally bogus pictures, personally I'll advise avoid at all costs.