Any trouble if AM Called at the Hotel? Police Trouble?


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Jan 20, 2011
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I did go through the "Hey all, just a few questions..." thread but just wanted to know the legal situation in Japan from the veterans...

If I call an AM girl to a 5 star hotel in Tokyo, any chance at all (even the bare bare minimum) of hotel/police trouble?

Discretion is key; especially in Japan. You keep your personal business on the down low you will have no troubles what so ever.
When you arrange your meeting with AM give as much details as possible including your hotel room number and even your check-in name. That way, the girl can confidently make her way to the elevators and head to her destination like she is a guest there.
When I was in Japan last time I stayed at The Imperial, definitely a 5 star establishment and had no problems what so ever.
Discretion is key; especially in Japan.

I couldn't agree more.

Unless you or the escort create a noisy ruckus in the room or somehow do something that makes a scene in a public area, I think that trouble with the police is just about zero risk. If hotel management somehow gets the idea that you are seeing prostitutes in your room and doesn't like it, they might refuse to let the escort enter the guest room areas of the hotel. Conceivably they might even ask you to leave, but the very last thing they would want is to have the police making a scene in their hotel by arresting, or even questioning, someone.

But this is all waaay hypothetical. What Traveler said is basically the story.

Can confirm - no problem what so ever, i stayed lately at the Westin... with the information provided to AM no problem - it helps of course if the girl dresses tastefully oh and... choose a hotel where the elevator is not access card controlled otherwise you have to go down to meet the girl which you may not want to do...:)
I'm kinda wondering the same thing, except I'll be at a serviced apartment. Any apartment/police trouble? One of the things I'm nervous about.
Also, was thinking about calling AM. Can anyone confirm if their pricingis FS? Has anyone ever tried their two girl service?
I'm kinda wondering the same thing, except I'll be at a serviced apartment. Any apartment/police trouble? One of the things I'm nervous about.

When I am in town for more than a week or two (which is often the case), I normally stay in a serviced apartment and have never had any problem.

Moreover, a serviced apartment is supposed to be like having your own apartment, and as far as I am aware it is ok to have a guest visit your place just as it would be in any ordinary apartment. This is as opposed to hotels where having a guest in your room is often technically against the rules (even if they are not enforced). So, I think that you are even less likely to have a problem in a serviced apartment.

Of course, as always in Japan, it is wise to be reasonably discreet, do nothing to disturb others (other residents) etc.