Anyone tried tokyonights?


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Dec 18, 2010
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There are a few foreigner friendly escort agencies on there that are under 15000 yen. It seems a bit too good to be true based on the pics. Has anyone tried those places? How often does it happen in Japan that the pics are not accurate on these sites? Busy planning a trip soon and need to budget, and I could get a lot more bang for my buck, pun intended :D
So far - early reports are that the girls in the pictures are NOT what you get and also the fees listed are not exactly true in all cases.

If you feel like it's too good to be true, then it probably is.

On a side note, the owner or representative of that site was found spamming links to their site here and on other forums. We've also traced a couple of fraudulent reports from the same person. (In other words, same bad English was used in both cases)

If you should choose them (or anyone for that matter), a true and accurate report would be appreciated. As I understand it, the owner of that site gets a referral or handling commission for each order processed through their site.
Thanks... from what i can tell, it seems they use the pic you choose as a basis for the 'type' of woman you want, ie. I also doubt one would get the actual woman in the pic.

Perhaps I'll try one as a test when I go there next year. I don't have a problem with the guy getting commission as long as it works!;)
Indeed Jim, if it works it works. Give us an update if/when you can give one of those shops a try.
Hey jim30, did you ever get around to trying out TokyoNights? And if so, how did things go?

Sorry for digging up such an old thread. I'll be in Tokyo next month and wanted to keep my options open. :)

EDIT: What piqued my interest was this site I stumbled onto from the TokyoNights site:

And what caught my eye were the prices... for those prices, these "housewives" better all look like lingerie models and have skills commensurate with that kind of pricing.

(From my understanding, many advertised "housewives" aren't really married, though I lack the hard data needed to back that up.)
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Nope, I haven't been to Japan yet... next month :)
And I'll probably just stick with AM and TMK.