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May 13, 2012
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I'll be visiting Tokyo with a good female friend later this Summer. I want to check out a pink salon, but I was hoping I could find something for my friend to do as well, so I don't just leave her outside for the 20 or so minutes (plus that's not really fair! haha)

so, questions:
are women allowed into pink salons? Would the girls who work there go down on another girl?

if not, then where can a girl find a good time in tokyo?!

I don't know whether or not if they will let you in. One of my caregivers told me, "women are not allowed into a man's world in Japan," but that being said, it may depend on the place as times are changing. It wouldn't hurt to call and ask. Besides pink salons, some escorts are bisexual so that is another option. Again, it depends on the place.
If you female friends wants a guy, Im available. Miss those western girls :)
I guess I have been lucky with Manami. I have seen her 3 times and never canceled
She cancelled on me. She was never clear on why. It may not happen a lot but
it happens.
She cancelled on me. She was never clear on why. It may not happen a lot but
it happens.

All Escorts cancel from time to time, it's their prerogative (and their bodies) as to what they want to do. It's much, much worse when you schedule an appointment and then they don't show up. I'd much rather get a cancellation instead of a no-show. (Late != No show, just to be clear...)

Those Korean shops, I take a real offense to their one pop only and disappear scheme. That's a ripoff, almost bad as a no-show!

Back to the OP: There are a number of options, it just depends on what you/she really wants in the service.

Off-topic: It's stupidly hot in this office today. :mad:
Sorry to be off topic from the OP :(

I think it would be more accurate to say that all 'people' cancel from time to time, for a great variety of reasons whether in a personal setting or a business one. Humans are what they are! ;)

Escorts are no different and while it is likely that some are 'ditsy', 'unprofessional' or 'not on top of things' (no pun intended), for others it may be something else entirely. After all many 'regular' companies behave unprofessionally all the companies, in my case...grrrr! :6

Fortunately, or unfortunately, escorts have lives too. Lives in which things come up out of the blue, just as with anybody else. Yet, from what I've seen on various forums, they are often given less slack than other people would be given. It also, seems that there is a category of people that think escorts are there to be used as they see fit; purely as automatonical (is that a word?) objects with no thoughts of their own, which is of course ridiculous outside the whole human trafficing thing. Most providers, particularly in and of such countries as America, Japan, or in Europe, almost certainly wish to provide exceptional service, within their accepted parameters, but have no problem refusing service if the situation seems unpleasant. A 'no shoes, no shirt, no service' kind of thing (though in this case I'd expect no shoes and no, which seems fair enough; though getting further off topic.

Anyway, with a little bit of experience in this regard, I can think of a number of reasons why she may have canceled. And while some reasons may be potentially selfish, lazy, or thoughtless, as with anybody, it is also likely that reasons are directly related to the welfare of the client or something embarrassing that she doesn't wish to say: What if a medical test just came back with inconclusive results? Or, if her 'Aunt' came to town a bit earlier than expected? Or she cut her mouth? Or the unexpected family member decides to stay the night while in town for business? Most professional girls place a great deal of emphasis on their health and well being, but also care equally about clients even if they don't specify concrete reasons for a cancellation.

Not showing up to an appointment? That is pretty much indefensible, especially without a heads up (full of puns today). But the sword cuts both ways and it may seem somewhat surprising how many people get enjoyment out of playing games with providers time. In other words there are some times that the client doesn't show up! This is one of the main reasons that verification is important and that some girls will only meet with people registered at a proper hotel! Btw, people try this kind of thing all the the point that of all requests a good percentage end up in this category. And it therefore affects the attitude of some girls. So, sometimes attitude is a result not necessarily a consequence. Diligent girls will avoid letting past things affect the present to the best of their ability, but it happens just as it does anywhere else.

@TS I don't know about Korean shops much but I know many shops are that way and some independents too...which makes you wonder if you are paying for 'time' as they should at least remain there, if wanted, for the full time. But let's think of the girl too (as opposed to the shop) since, even if she is enjoying herself, half or more usually goes to the shops (before taxes are taken). And many of them may in fact be trafficed which brings into question any preogative the girl may have at all (hence they may be coached to come back asap, among other things). Beyond that, it depends on a independent's service...and, within reason, how much she can handle. But regardless, leaving early and clock watching is not cool. She should genuinely want to be there to the point that, while aware of time, she may forget about it for a while. But that is my opinion only.

Anyway, I simply wanted to let everybody know that it isn't always superficial reasons that make escorts cancel. Some girls are very serious about being 'stand up' people and care very, very much about image! \(^0^)/

Additionally...and again further off is not usually the case that a girl is ignoring messages to her, a complaint I often see on forums. Sometimes it is, of course, but sometimes it is about demand. Many girls get an unbelievable amount of mail everyday and, especially if they are independent, can only deal with a portion of it! :(

Back on topic OP:
I don't know what your female friend is into but there are host clubs here and there. It depends on the place, but caberets would likely be open to the idea. There are also plenty of bisexual girls in Japan, like well as gay bars. There are so many possibilities, especially if you speak Japanese, but without knowing what she would like, it is hard to narrow anything down....sorry.