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    Hi guys,

    This is my first post under this name but I'd just like to report that I will be seeing RISA of [closed] next week and hope to be able to tell you how it goes.

    I set up the appointment to meet her near a train station and go to a nearby love hotel.
    There is nothing but rave reviews of her on this site (even if short in number),
    but I love women with huge racks and hope she can get me off.

    Just some background info on me, this is only my second time using an escort service as the first time bombed. The woman who showed up was way older than the picture (30 vs. 45) with saggy tits and smoker breath. I couldn't keep my erection even when I was inside her, so we just ended up talking and rubbing each other. 40,000 yen down the tubes, and no pop!

    This time, I look forward to being with a women with a killer body and even better technique.

    P.S. I know this question is asked a lot, but what AV films has RISA been in? I love JAV idols and this is going to kinda fulfill my dream of being with one. I plan to ask her all about the industry when I see her, but just want to see what I can expect if I can find her work online or something. Cheers to the guy who can help me out.
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    Not a review. Moved to Q&A.
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