April 2010 Thread

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Sep 24, 2009
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Happy April!

Yes, I screwed up! I totally blanked when it came to April 1st.

So, here you have it! The new April Morning Thread!

Today is FRIDAY. It's going to be a party weekend! Time to get rid of all this stress that has been building for the last few weeks...
Morning Karen, hope your day is going well.

I get to stay home today and work on this site a little. :) It's warm outside but looks like it may rain. Last night was very nice!

Late as usual; the day is winding down. We should rename these threads to something like "Monthly Whatever - April 2010" Feels strange posting in a "Morning Thread" at 5pm. You know what I'm saying?

Let me just say that the SONY offices, kick ass. lol. I spent another day there today and I love that office. It's just not the girls but the layout and all of the gadgets they have to play with lol. One of their suites have a few PS3 units to play with and they also have some HD demonstration areas with their latest and other upcoming technology. Even the food is good! I can't say much more for fear of breaking our NDA on some items, but suffice to say, it's a kick ass office! :D
Morning all... I'm up way to fucking early. I can't sleep!!!!!!!!! This is just stupid, the sleeping medicine isn't even working.

Shoot me now... it's going to be a crap Monday, can already feel it. :(

As expected, I am totally exhausted and just want to crawl back into bed. Guess I'll find a place to nap for my lunch hour. :(
Heh.. It's already after 3pm. :)

The stress has disappeared and now we're just waiting for the final tally of our financials for year-end reporting. Then, we'll have some ideas of our real bonus that will be coming! Not getting my hopes up too high just yet, just going to wait for the final figures first and then I'll go window shopping.

Had a great weekend at Yooygi with all of the people and cherry blossoms. You have to love the Japanese and their party personality. It was great... lots of a great food and good drinks. :)

Back to work for awhile..
Good Evening! I thought the thread name was going to change since we all are terrible at posting in the morning hours!? Work is just wrapping up and now I'll be on the prowl for some dinner. I not feeling the cooking thing tonight, take-out works good for this guy tonight.

Stay dry folks!
Hiya! I finally got around to changing the thread title. It's "April 2010 Thread" now. :) Hope everyone is having a fine Wednesday morning. I was out of the office and without internet access most all-day yesterday. It's been nice around the office this week, now that the Japanese financial year has ended.

Has anyone noticed all the new grads running around in their recruit suits? We have a ton of ladies floating around the area in their suits and matching accessories. While that outfit is really plain, it's kind of cute in a way. Depends on the girl wearing the suit, some are just not cute at all!

Today's Lunch: I hoping for pasta!!!!

You got me... haha. I was searching for the morning thread and couldn't find it, thought I was just being stupid. :p I'm having pasta for lunch as well today, in about 20 minutes from now. We're taking a few of these new office people to lunch, in their recruit suits, hehe. There are or were a ton of them floating around here too over the last few days.

The way I see it, more ranks of fresh blood that will takeover the 'over-working' class of Japanese. Makes me sad to think that some of these nice girls will age twice as fast while working long hours, all the time. These people working from 6am to 12am need to realize, that practice of working is very unhealthy! Then can get jealous/mad when I leave the office at a decent hour, I refuse to work endlessly until some other guy leaves.

Oh yes, I'm the gaijin that leaves on-time! :D
Chris: Post +1 :)

That's so true about the Japanese and their over-working nature. It's not as bas as it used to be, it has improved. The Japanese way of 'not leaving before someone higher up' still holds true.

A buddy of mine that works at an investment house says that none of his staff will easily leave if he's still in the office. One day, he stayed until 7pm and all of his staff (Japanese) were still there. He went downstairs to the main lobby, to give the appearance that he was done for the evening. He waited in the lobby, secretly, as the rest of his staff filed out of the elevators within about 25 minutes after he left the floor.

After that, he made an announcement to his staff that he would no longer approve OT hours if they were just staying in the office because it was a 'custom' to wait for your boss or someone higher up to leave. Still, the staff remained in the office and did so for free. Unless of course, they were really working on something. Crazy.

Seems like the more international companies have adjusted to more of a western working system. Another friend of mine works for a strictly Japanese company. When he started there, he would leave on-time and people would gossip behind his back excessively. He turned the tables on the gossipers which eventually burned them (the gossipers) in the end because instead of working, they were running their mouths. Projects got behind and my friend new exactly why!

I cannot complain about my working environment, it's quite peaceful.
That my friend, is a true statement.

Although, I think some of these people really have no life and/or are trying to avoid their family. I don't mind overtime. in moderation. The building next to my apartment, you can see people still working well past 10pm most nights....


PS: Have a nice day everyone!

I have found that to be so true on all accounts. Japanese people have some of the worst office gossip as well, so damn nosy! The least little thing happens and word spreads like a gasoline fueled fire! Oh the stories I have, lol.
OMG! (yeah, slap me...)

Very rarely do I come into the office on the weekends, but when I do, the same people are here all the time. Do you think they see their work as a hobby? or are so they dedicated to the company, that they choose to work on the weekends? Aren't there some labor laws in place somewhere? We're not allowed to work over a pre-set amount of hours. If we do go over the limit, there are forms to be filled out and sent to the Japanese Labor office.

Do people in your offices sleep during the lunch hour instead of eating lunch? There are a few people in my office that choose to lay their head down on their desk and promptly go to sleep. Others wander off to quiet corners of the building to catch a cat nap. The normal people, eat lunch.... being normal, I mean we go home before 8pm and get proper rest.

I'm sure this chick working across from me thinks she's the shit because she works endlessly but we all know she has no life. It's a shame too, she's actually quite adorable.
Ack! I missed the office gossip part. I have some great office gossip related stories!

Where in the hell are you people? :)
Just wanted to drop in to say:

I have a three day weekend and you don't! :p

And it's a nice day to boot!
You completely suck.

That is all.

</3 :(
It's Monday again!

Hope you guys had a great weekend, it was two fabulous days!!!!!!

It's been quiet here over the weekend! :p

Hi. :p

I was gone all weekend out towards Shin-Fuji! It was a little windy but had a great and relaxing time. The weather was great and so were the girls! :) Work was very busy today, so I haven't had much time to surf the net or even check email. My cell has a few messages that I haven't even gotten around to checking just yet. Eliah and I were busy last night trying to fix a few broken things here, which took a few hours.

Hope you had a nice day... it's quite the crappy weather we're having today.
Eh??? "You guys"?

He broke it, not me! lol. I had to come in and put things back the way they were before goofy started moving s*it around! PITA, it was....

(PS: Hope you all had a nice weekend!)
Don't try and pin it all me! You were the one that brought it up!

I'm already putting in enough time here, where's that paycheck????

Top of the morning everyone... it's Tuesday and it's not raining, so we're off to a good start.
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