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Arcadia very satisfying

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Jan 31, 2013
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In Tokyo for a night and decided to try Arcadia, which I discovered via Erolin. Decided to call directly. The madam's English is very poor but I was able to communicate with her--hotel, room number, name, etc. She didn't let me choose a girl though. Her conversation skills not that good. I asked for a girl late that night, at 11pm.

Imagine my surprise when I had a knock at my door 20 minutes later. Standing there was a very beautiful tall thin girl. Unfortunately, I was rushing out to a meeting. The girl spoke better English than the madam and she agreed to come back at 11pm. Interestingly, when she called the madam, she spoke in Mandarin. She was Chinese.

At 11pm on the dot, my doorbell rang. Different girl though. Equally pretty, shorter but with much larger breasts. She was also Chinese but fluent in Japanese. I am going to guess that most of Arcadia's girls are mainland Chinese.

We agreed at first on Y13000 for 50 minutes which would include BBBJ but no sex. She was great. Very sweet, taking her time and very enthusiastic about pleasing me. After going down on me expertly for a while, I changed my mind and decided to include sex, which was another Y5000. Very worth it. Again, super enthusiastic and super tight.

A well spent Y18000. Well, to me at least.

I don't know if all of Arcadia's girls are as enthusiastic and pretty as the one I had but it's certainly a service I will use again.
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Do you have a name of who visited you?
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Finally an Arcadia review! Thank you! By the way, was this place a Soapland establishment?
Finally an Arcadia review! Thank you! By the way, was this place a Soapland establishment?

This review was from 3 years ago. Please don't bump old threads, much less bump a number of threads about a particular establishment. If you want to know, either message the person directly, or post a thread in the QA section. Thanks.
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