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Are these good exanples of what to expect during a SOAPLAND VIST

That's not far off base. The layout and actual order of things may be a little different.

The stool is very common, almost 100% of the time I'd say.

There is another type of chair where the girl can slide under you and give oral stimulation from below.
I was thinking of “stool” in another sense of the word, so that “Zenra Stool Massage” sounded like some eerily perverse constipation treatment.
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There's some love hotels that include those stools in the bathing area, so if you bring a kinky enough girl there, maybe she'll oblige...

SO far everyone I've visited has had the stool. When you first go into the room the girl will undress you and have you sit on the stool while she wash you. From there she will give you a BBBJ while your water is running in the tub. She may offer you a nuru massage on an air mattress and have you get into the tub when she is finished. While in the tub she will join you for another BBBJ and maybe even she'll sit on it in the tub. She will then take you to the bed and ride you until you cum and have you sit back on the stool clean you and then send you on your way very satisfied.