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AM ARISA from Asian Mystique


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Sep 23, 2010
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I met Arisa a few days ago on occasion of my last travel to Tokyo.
She knocked on my door almost 30 minutes later than agreed, but I was in no worry because AM called me and informed that she was on her way.
She apologized for the delay and made a big smile that soon moved something inside of me.
She was wearing a miniskirt, black thights, stiletto shoes and a funny hat. She was very beautiful and sexy, in a fresh and easy way.
She looked even better than how she looks in her pics in AM gallery, now she has long, straight and black hair.
She is a very communicative girl: despite her English is very poor and my Japanese very basic, I didn't feel communication as a problem between us.
She told me she will be 20 at the end of January and that her limited availability depends on her work schedule.
We had some small talks, then a small play before shower, that was quite business like.
Her body is athletic and well proportioned, measurments on her bio on AM site are correct.
She is natural down there, much black hair. Her pussy has a strong smell, I know this may be my personal sensation but I didn't like that smell, too strong for my taste. I did'nt dare to give daty.
Good kisser, more handjob than blowjob. She prefers covered oral. I asked for uncovered and she gave me a little, but it was clear from her perfomance that she doesn't like it uncovered. Once covered her performance was much better.
We made it she on top, me on top and doggy. She doesn't put much energy, most of the movement was on my charge. Finish was on her stomach.
She is a very beatiful, nice and funny girl. She has curious and intelligent eyes. I enjoyed and liked her company as a gf experience and I am ready to repeat, but if you look for 2 hours of no-stop and "rock and roll" sex, well, I think you should get ready to do much of the work .
Thanks again for yet another review.

I don't remember much about Arisa, I would have to go back and read some other reviews.

IMHO: Here's the problem with the younger girls: They are not very experienced and you wind up doing most of the leading. I think 25-35 is the core range for getting a good experience. 35 is just a number I pulled out of thin air... I've met up with a hot-to-trot 40 y/o JF who was just superb.

Glad you had an overall good time; the smell, I think it just varies person to person.

Thanks again!
Thanks for the review! I've been waiting for someone to post about Arisa for awhile now, for my own curiosity.

She sounds like a nice girl, but I'm a little disappointed that she's not more assertive. I personally prefer them to be more experienced. Still, sounds like you had a great time, and in the end that's what matters!
My bubble has been burst.

I had hoped she would be more aggressive. >:]

I'm glad your experience was decent, just not sure if she's going to be my type or not.
My bubble has been burst.

I had hoped she would be more aggressive. >:]

I'm glad your experience was decent, just not sure if she's going to be my type or not.

Holy crap! Bishop, where have you been?