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    I found this place while googling for outcall massage options. Their 90 minute all-nude course for first timers is 15,000 yen which includes meeting up at any station on the Yamanote between Shinjuku and Gotanda, so quite a good deal (the girl will come straight to the hotel for an additional 1,000). Foreigners are OK but Japanese ability seems to be required.

    The main catch is that like "Parlor Club," they say that no touching is allowed, but YMMV as I'll explain...

    I won't name my particular provider but she was Japanese, looked to be in her early to mid 30s, with a fairly tight body and a typical OL face (nothing great, nothing bad), small perky tits and trimmed bush.

    We checked into a LH, showered separately, and she went to work totally in the buff. Highly talkative and personable. She would periodically sit on my foot or give me a spread eagle view over my shoulder. Strong hands with a good sense for applying pressure without hitting the painful point.

    For the HJ part she laid down next to me with her head on my shoulder and let me explore everything from butt to head, although tits were off limits. After I popped, we cuddled together under the blankets, she gave me a little shoulder massage, and we finished with a shower together where she mentioned that she could offer some more options next time.

    All in all, good value and I will probably repeat. It's hard to get a naked Japanese girl in bed for that kind of price but this place delivers.
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    Thanks for the review.

    Yeah, P4P can get to be a pretty grey area, in terms of what services are offered and when. I wouldn't expect any specific extras from this place beyond what they advertise.
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    What were the other options?

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