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Mar 27, 2012
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its an aroma massage that charges about 14000 yen for 80 minutes.

basically you get a really good oil massage and a happy ending.
its a bit different from deriheru but sites list it as a deriheru.

the faces of the girls are blurred considerably on the page so I can't really say if she looks like her pictures or not beyond the hair.. but the girl was next door neighbor cute, young, very friendly. I was her first foreign customer.

got a really good, deep massage back and front.
talked a little bit, that allowed me to get intimate with her. She told me she normally doesn't allow customers to do what i do but she said she felt at ease with me.

got a good hand job and the end.

what was more interesting was our talk. I was a bit surprised at how much she opened up to me. For example, she eventually told me her real name. That she works both at a kyabakura and this agency.. and that she was too dumb to get into a decent college so she's doing this and she's worried about the excessive drinking affecting her health in the long term.

I don't know if its acting (after all that's what kyabakura is about), or not, but it felt like had we met each other in different circumstances, we could've been very good friends.