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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Asian Feeling

    Date of Encounter:
    August 2018

    Contact Method:
    Walk in

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    1 hour - 10,000 Yen

    Thai Massage

    Language Notes:
    I know basic Japanese

    Details of the Encounter:
    Hello again,
    Earlier this afternoon, I went to Shibuya Seafaria. I decided I might as well blow the last of my money and went to Asian Feeling. Tencho was nice and I asked for him to show me the english menu. At first, I went with the normal thai massage, but he told me there was no hj included. He said hj are only included with the powder and oil massages. Well crap I thought, so I ended up going with the oil massage for and hour (10,000 yen).

    I wasn't able to pick any girl and ended up getting one of the new staff members, Karin. She was cute. About 5'3. I'd say she's like 25ish. Pictures of her online are somewhat different but not by too much. In fact, I'd say she is cuter in person than in her photos. She was really nice though a little bit quiet (although I'm also quiet, this kind of worked out). She seemed to be interested in me. I think it was because I told her i'm half Thai.

    Massage felt nice, although I don't have much to compare it to. Oil massage felt great with her nice, warm, and soft hands. She flipped me over and gave me a hj. Felt pretty heavenly, especially with the oil.

    I asked her if it was okay if I could touch her and she allowed me to. I started stroking her thighs and slowly made my way to her boobs. I asked if it was okay to touch and she was a little hesitant but said yes. I tried to get her to show me her bare boobs but she was hesitant about it. She removed the strap to her shirt and showed me her bra. She said I couldn't touch, however, she did allow me to kiss the top of her boobs. I decided to stop pushing since it seemed like something she didn't want to do. Anyways, she made me pop, like a lot. She was even surprised. At the end she kept asking me if I wanted to see her boobs or not, and I couldn't tell if she was being serious or just teasing me. I embarrassingly would laugh and say yeah or never mind, but she didn't do anything. I feel like she thinks I have a boob obsession or something now.

    I know basic level Japanese and would say I was able to communicate with her about 80% of the time. There were a couple times where I couldn't understand what she was saying.

    Final Thoughts:

    Closing Comments:
    Karin is cute and fun. She went well with my quiet and sometimes awkward personality. I feel like she is the kind of person who opens up and gets better after each session. I feel like she was interested in me and so I was able to get a little bit extra (YMMV). She made the session seem really intimate which i'm a sucker for. It's a shame i'm leaving Japan tomorrow.
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    100% agree. Karin is so cute and nice
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    Wow, she is very cute! Definitely the youngest looking girl i’ve ever seen on that website.
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