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Asian Feeling - Shinjuku

Mister Roboto

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Apr 2, 2012
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Hey dudes, was up? Mister Roboto here with a report on my experience at Asian Feeling this week. I went out last night around 10 p.m. and wasn't sure whether I wanted a bareback BJ in Gotanda at Dio/Emotion, or head up north on the Yamonote to Shinjuku. Well, I opted for SJ and walked around the sleezy Kabuchiko district for a while. I wanted to punch out a few of those annoying touts who bother you on the street, so I ducked in the Co-Co's for some curry and rice so I'd get my belly full and maybe my junk ready to get stiff. After that I went right around the corner, off the main drag, and saw a sign for Asian Feeling advertising Thai massages. I had been there once a few years ago, or maybe it was Asian Relax, not sure. I think the Asian Relax place has mirrors in the rooms which I don't like. So I head up to 5F and am greeted by a tout at the front desk who looks like he spent too much time in a lady's hair saloon. He spoke pretty good English and explained the menu to me. He quickly suggested the "first time" customer recommendation of 10K for an hour oil massage, then added, "with hand job" and made the international hand gesture of a HJ to avoid any ambiguity regarding the arrangement. He had me sit on this tiny stool that looks like it was designed for a 5-year old and proceeded to make a short phone call. Evidently, they have another place close by called Asian Relax where the girls go back and forth serving the customers. A really good-looking, young, petite, Thai chick shows up who spoke very little English. Sorry I didn't get her name, something like Mika or Miyumi. She took me into a room with a bed on the floor, which suited me fine. That followed with a stand-up shower with her doing the soaping. The massage wasn't bad, I've had better. However, comma, I must say she did do a nice job with the oil and actually took the time to nuke (heat up in microwave) the oil, which was a nice touch on a cold, Tokyo night. The HJ was decent and she laid down next to me to finish it off. When I left they gave me a card and a discount thingie. (Click on the pdf attachment below to view.) The place doesn't smell like an ash tray, which is the big plus and has a clean and tidy appearance if you are into that, whic I am obviously. Not bad for 10K, and yes, I'll be back. So, until we come again ... Mr. Roboto signing off from somewhere in the Kanto Plain Region.


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Bichan - Maybe it was Minami, not 100 percent sure. Rotsa' Ruck to ya'.
greeted by a tout at the front desk who looks like he spent too much time in a lady's hair saloon.


Nominated for best TAG line of the month!

Thanks, Wanderer, I did put some thought into it when I created it!
A very important question... in fact possibly a deal breaker. Did she wear that uniform that they have on in the pics, and did she keep it on when she gave you the hj?
For all the times I have been there all therapist they keep their uniforms on but does give you eye candy for viewing.
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