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AM Asian Mystique - Asuka (2/2011)


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Jan 10, 2010
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I noticed there was a very recent review of Asuka from AM... so I'm sorry to duplicate things here.

My experience with Asuka was relatively good compared to the other reviews. Maybe she just has good days and bad days. One of the great points of Asuka is English communication.

Asuka has a great body, relatively fit and she seems to care about it. Her face, is OK, but it's hard to tell from the pictures from AM's site, but it's not what you expect. It's not bad, but it feels like her face doesn't match the body.

She was on-time and very pleasant overall. She was well dressed and was not dressed in anything flashy or attention getting. Once in the room, she does have relatively small breasts but about what you would expect from a j-girl her size. The trimming of the various hairy parts were well kept and I had no real complaint about her virgin-type appearance. She kind of looks innocent, until she gets to work on you. She does seem to require some direction but maybe she's expecting you to tell her what you like. So have a game plan setup when you meet her and see how it rolls.

Personality wise, we clicked pretty well. I treated her nicely and she did the same in return for me. We went off for two full rounds, which is about my limit. At the end she seemed tired but didn't fret at the idea of a 3rd time, at least not visibly. Alas, I couldn't do it, so we called it a night and cleaned up and she departed just after the planned ending time.

One of the points about Asuka that felt a little weird was her overall appearance. If I didn't look at her face, I wouldn't know or even have a real guess to her age. Going at her from the doggy position is probably one of the best positions as she can ram herself on you like there's no end to the pleasure train.

I'll give Asuka a 8/10 - 2 points off mainly for small breasts, somewhat strange looks & not especially great in the leading category.

I think overall, decent service but given the other reviews, I think that your experience may vary depending on the day and mood. YMMV, etc.

Same here, any specific questions, please ask.