Asian Mystique - Emma...any reviews?


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Jun 16, 2012
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Hi there, quick ask - anyone had time with Emma yet? can't seem to find any reviews but am interested! Many thanks!
There has been quite a few inquiries about her, but no one has submitted a review about her.

I'm sorry that we don't have any more information on her at this time.
Boy, I'm going to have to schedule an appointment just to be the 1st to review!
I actually tried her some time ago -- if I remember correctly she is half American half German. She can be quite dry and sarcastic which you can enjoy. Service was ok but not exceptional CBJ.
I was trying to get a date on Thursday, but they told me she changed her schedule. So I went for Ai. There are plenty of reviews in here about Ai anyway, so I won't add another one. She is a super sweet girl and knows how to get you the GFE you are looking for.Maybe I'll try one more time for Emma...