Asian Mystique - Holiday Special (12/31 - 1/3)


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Sep 11, 2009
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Greetings All - Happy Holidays!

A few updates for Asian Mystique:

AM Website said:
December 24, 25th
December 31st through January 3rd

* 3,000 yen discount on all orders 2 hours or more ending before 6pm
* 3,000 yen discount on threesome orders anytime
* 5,000 yen off on all overnight orders
Play Santa for yourself this Christmas and let the girls of Asian Mystique help you ring in the new year with a 'bang'!
- Sources say that one of the telephone (Male) operators is leaving AM in January. Unconfirmed from AM Management.

- The Escort market apparently is still relatively slow; with a number of people turning to Pink Salons and Massage Parlors over the traditional Escort, outcall service.

- Tokyo Adult Guide will begin tracking AM's roster of ladies to track new girls and those who depart from their website.

That's all for Asian Mystique at this time!
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I would appreciate any information you can provide me on pink salons and their locations, thanks
We are lacking in that department right now, we aren't getting a lot of reliable information on the pink salons. The biggest problem is that most of the shops change their acceptance rules almost daily.

One day, they'll accept gaijins and the next they don't. If you can speak Japanese, that will help a lot but in some cases, you'll still be rejected.

Please check back here for further updates as we try and collect more data.