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AM Asian Mystique: Kumi [Updated: 11/10/2009]


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Sep 15, 2009
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i reserve this space, booked appointment today with Kumi from AM. will post here with review later.
hmm.. kumi cancelled on me today. try again later... sorry
hello, finally my kumi review has come. sorry to take so long, schedule was difficult and money was more difficult!

kumi from asian mystique was wonderful, just as I had heard before from other people. for my opinion, she looks a lot better with her clothes off than on. i cannot say exactly why that is, maybe just her fashion choice does not match her body. well anyway, her english was ok and the communication was satisfactory.

as my usual routine, we met and walked to a love hotel - nothing exciting there either. the date started once we got to the room and began a bath together. i loved how her warm body felt in my hands, soft skin and a pleasing attitude. i did love the size of her breasts and the overall size of her body. i am average in size, so we matched well both horizontally and vertically.

her pictures at AM website are accurate and you get what you see in the pictures there. i still think she looks better with less clothes, she looks much younger in person and her personality is very cute. for her performance, she was very energetic and did not see shy at all, i did not have to tell her what to do but she did confirm if i liked certain things and was careful not to do too much or too little. her oral performance was probably a 8/10 (sorry, manami still holds this trophy with a 10/10) kumi finished up the oral portion with a bang and we rested for a bit before I played with her lovely breasts. i guess you could say we did a bit of foreplay before the 2nd round and that gave us both enough time to get warmed up again.

at the 2nd round - we hopped around on the bed like rabbits, i had not had that much fun in awhile. her responses to me were great and i never got the feeling that she was bored to be there or took what she was doing as 'her job' - she appeared to naturally be having fun. there were numerous positions and lots of noise with our play style, but after about 25 minutes of bumping around the end finally came with a bang when she just rammed her body against me which caused the final pop of the night. At the end, we just laid there for a bit before limping to the shower to get cleaned up before heading our separate ways.

kumi is near the top of my list for a repeat in the future. A few notes that people may want know -- her breasts are natural and she keeps the action area well trimmed for optimal play. ;)

X's Scale:

Body: 8/10
Breasts: 7/10
Skin: 9/10
Face: 8/10
Play Style: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

hope you found this review useful, please post another review if you have one for Kumi. she is indeed a sweetheart!


This thread has been sitting her, so lonely, waiting to be updated. Thanks for getting it finished, we appreciate it. I'll update the thread title with date...
Interesting post....
spirit: yeah no problem, i hope to get another review in before the end of november.