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AM asian mystique- Miki


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Jan 9, 2012
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Well, i see there is no so much literature about this provider: The only thing i could find was this So, due to the lack of reviews, yesterday i wanted to order one girl from this provider, so i said that my order was: hiromi, lili and miki in last place (there were more girls available yesterday but i only liked the pictures of these three). For the two first options where some reviews but not for Miki. Finnaly, for these reasons of the destiny hiromi gave no reply, lili felt bad yesterday so went home and i should order miki. I was a little worried about the possiblity of have a new bad experience ( The Miki's pictures did not impressive me so much and considering the lack of reviews... i was very alert. But, fortunatelly it was great!

Miki is not the more beautifull provider, she is not either my type of japanese women (i am obsesioned with these 150-155 cm japanese woman with faces of angels); in addition, she can't speak english (and me japanese either), so that is another bad why am i saying it was great?

Well, because many things. Basically the woman is very good in bed. Its not a robot, as another woman that i tried in japan. She really enjoy what she does: she even do not need in 2 hours or relation any kind of lubricant; she got very wet just receiving my work and do not needed any kind of lubricant. She doesn't sound false as many woman, she do noise as she were really enjoying: that kind of sounds like being crying that make wester people got cracy. Another point for this woman is that she perform perfect "natural french" (i hate this providers who use condom for practice a simple french job). Other good point, she loves the deep french kissing, something, unfortunatelly, missing for many providers. The woman do not rush you and try to make you cum several times. Now short description of my experience:

1) first we have a shower together: she clean you nicely, something realively fast but with delicacy.
2) going to bed: DFK, 69 (without condom), several positions, she is very hot woman but also sweet (a delicious mix). I should say that i was keeping a disturbing beard (i use to be always well shave), very long (2 weeks beard) and she does not complaint about it neither refuse kissing for that (with other providers this happen several times).
3) nice talk (difficult because we cant speak same language) between first and second round. She smile every time and do not seems unconfortable because the barrier language. that's nice.
4) Second round similar to first. At some point i suspect she cum, because, as i told you, she did not use lubricant, and many liquid became to appear in their pussy (its fully shaved), and also, i see her clitoris became bigger. It's nice to find a provider who really enjoy having sex with you.

So, to end, considering my experience yesterday, i can't understand why we do not pay attention to this provider before. Maybe a reason is because she is not always available in Tokyo. It seems that she is not professional at all (she told me she work in office; i really like that non professionals :), so she is not available frequently; actually i checked today and it not appear in the web page today as being available.

In my opinion she is a very nice option, and i am willing to repeat for sure.
After Astrako's great review of Miki, I'm not sure how much I can add, but I will give it a go. Before anything else, I've gotta say, man! What a *hot* girl! Very sultry in appearance, a little coarse in demeanor, but oh my god, she is so smokin' hot!

She showed up right on time. Very fashionable and sexy, in high-heeled knee-high laced boots, a black mini, a layered top, and a nice jacket. She has long, beautiful hair, but if she hadn't been so hot looking, the smoky smell might have put me off. I think she smokes, but between her sultry sexiness, the thorough shower, and a really good job with the toothbrush, I didn't care (and that's sayin' something).

She was a very slow starter. She had a beer, and we bantered back and forth in a mix of broken Japanese and English. I think we were pretty evenly matched on (lack of) language skills, but we managed pretty well. This went on for almost 30 minutes. I was getting a little impatient, but at the same time, I was really enjoying the view and the anticipation, so I let her pick the time.

As she stripped for the shower, my suspicions were confirmed regarding the body under the clothing. Wow! Did I mention what a hot girl she is?! The shower was nice, if basic. She did a thorough if gentle job of washing me down, and after I got out, she spent a fair amount of time on herself. By the time she was brushing her teeth, I think I must have seemed like an attention-starved puppy, looking at her and waiting anxiously for her to pet me :)

She slipped past me and headed for the bed, but I stepped up before she had a chance to lay down. We oh so slowly began to explore, and gradually started to heat the room. It took a few minutes before she started to get into it, but like Astrako, I gotta say that this girl really enjoys herself, and that is *such* a turn on! And did I mention how *hot* she is?!

I won't name every act, but Miki really likes to receive, and her kisses are amazing. If I had a complaint (and I don't), it would be that she is soooo into receiving that she sometimes gets distracted and forgets to give. But she is so hot, that is totally forgivable.

I agree with Astrako that Miki is not a pro, but her genuine enjoyment and enthusiasm nicely offset that. If Miki took a few lessons from Lili, I think she would be unstoppable. I would repeat in a heartbeat. In fact, I'd try to call her back right now if I wasn't totally drained :)
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