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AM Asian Mystique Review 7/2010: Yui


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Jul 4, 2010
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Hey all,

So I had my first experience with an Asian Mystique girl last night; I had a two hour appointment with Yui. Overall, I have to say it was merely an okay experience, and I can't really recommend her, at least not to anyone new to this kind of thing. I could only recommend her if you've used such services before and are confident in getting what you want and commanding the entire evening.

First off though, the pictures on the website don't do her justice at all. She's way cuter in person; I thought she was a completely different girl. And I knew Japanese cup sizes were different than in the States, but damn! The site says she's an E, but she looked more like a C to me. Still, they were very pretty and looked perfect on her body. (Overall proportions are more important to me than just the mere size of them.)

And now the bad...

I can only describe my experience as embarrassing and awkward, and it was partly my fault. I won't get into the nitty gritty of it all, but I will mention one or two things. For example, it was not a good idea to make an appointment on only my second day in Japan, as I was still recovering from jet lag and soreness quite literally all over from some previous events.

Also, I am currently sharing a twin hotel room with a buddy of mine (the Imperial Hotel isn't exactly cheap) but the arrangement was that he would make himself scarce before Yui arrived. Well, that turned out very badly, because Yui showed up about 20 minutes early as he was about to head out the door! This horrible juxtaposition, along with a couple of other things, set the tone of awkwardness and overall weirdness that soured my experience and left me as dazed as a deer in headlights.

Again, mostly my fault, except the showing up early. Is that a common occurrence? I wasn't expecting her until close to 8 PM (and I was still in my boxers!).

Now, I've never used this kind of service before, ever, and so I knew I'd be at least a little nervous. After all, I'm a pretty nerdy guy and though I've had modest success with women, I am definitely no Don Juan de la Noonch. :) But with the aforementioned events, that just soured everything from the start.

So of course we started off in the shower together, which is always a fun experience.

Then we moved to the bed where she proceeded to... stare at me and ask "What would you like to do?" Huh? What did she think I wanted to do? I mean, it's not like she needs my permission; me handing her a large amount of cash at the start gives her permission to do whatever she likes. Being asked directly like that simply added to the already awkward atmosphere of the evening.

Most of the down and dirty was, well, anything but down and dirty. Everything felt kinda forced and unnatural. The fake pleasure noises one would see in a J porn is rather grating. I will mention that she was hairier down there than I would've liked. But she had a nice , perfect pussy and smell. Eating her out was probably the activity I enjoyed most.

I managed to drain the tank twice with her (which is low for me) but I didn't really enjoy it all that much. Also, any time when we weren't directly at it (ie just chatting), she was constantly checking text messages on her phone.

The following isn't a minus, but I have to mention that she doesn't really speak much English at all. Luckily, I am able to speak some Japanese, so I was able to communicate with her, but for anyone who doesn't speak Japanese, be prepared to communicate with hand gestures lol

Oh, and the worst part of all was that she left a good 20 minutes early, which I didn't realize because, well, I can't see a damn thing without my glasses and so I couldn't even see the clock. Again, partly my fault.

Overall, I have myself to blame for some of these shenanigans, but really, I consider girls like these to be professionals, and as such should be able to handle such things in stride and still be able to make a memorable evening happen. This evening was certainly memorable, but for all the wrong reasons. The whole production felt like two high school kids who weren't sure exactly what they should be doing.

Maybe I'm expecting too much? I did make another appointment with another AM girl for another time, so here's hoping that will turn out a lot better!
sounds like shyness got the best of both parties. If funds permit, give her another go. Better yet, ask her to the prom.
LOL I thought about giving her another go, but really, I decided it would be, er, unwise to throw another wad of money away on a gamble like that when I can just make another appointment with a girl who's already been established as being able to please a man. :)
Lolicon, sorry for the delay in replying with an official thank you for your report.

That's a great write up, nice and honest. I am sorry that you had problems but I'm sure that others will find your review very helpful.

Better luck next time! (With her or someone else, watch that clock! Some girls use a timer... some don't...)

While using someone who's got a solid reputation is always good, it's also good to hear someone's experience with someone who's relatively unknown.

Again, thank you for your post!
Thanks TS! I'm still in Japan for a little while, so I wanted to at least have one good outing before I left. :) But we'll see if I add any additional new reviews...

I also wanted to mention that Yui is actually half-Taiwanese and half-Japanese. This isn't a minus either, but I figured people might want to know. I didn't really notice till after I found this out that there were little symbols next to the names of some of the girls on AM's website; those are national flags.
Good luck on the next attempt, if you get a chance.

I sent you a PM to answer your previous question from earlier today, sorry for the delay... blame Eliah. :p