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AM Asian Mystique Review: Ai 7/2010

The Traveler

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Jun 13, 2010
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Asian Mystique promises a girlfriend experience, and Ai definitely delivers on that promise.
Since Ai has been reviewed a few times now, I will keep this review short and sweet.

She was punctual which is always a plus, the chime on my hotel room going off at 8PM on the dot.
Some casual conversation when she arrived as I expected, like how long will I be in Japan, what places I have seen, things of that nature. The night of our date also happened to be my birthday; she asked me how old I was and remarked that she was 25, not 23 as the site says. Her appearance was slightly different then on her profile as well she is more fit and trimmed then her photos make her seem.
Payment then down to the business, shower is always fun, that wry smile as she looks up at you and washes your junk and the barely audible moan I caught as I lathered her up.

Between the sheets Ai was extremely flexible; she had her ankles pulled back behind her head like a gymnast in no time. Her breasts are fake, but not overly large like Ranko’s or even Mako’s, so they fit her small frame perfectly.
She was quite a fan of my oral skills and requested more of it after she got off the first time. My only complaint about the area south of the border was while she is fully shaved, it was shaved like a week prior so the road rash I received from the stubble was quite irritating. She is mentioned in an earlier review about having somewhat of a musky odor, I noticed no such smell. She smelled quite good in my opinion.
Her oral skills were great, knew exactly how, when, and what to do. No condom was used which is always a plus. Getting a blowjob with a condom on is like going to a water park and wearing a raincoat, sure it can still be fun, but what the fuck’s the point.
After a few pops she wanted to snuggle up and cuddle with me till it was time for us to take our second shower.

I would definitely recommend getting a date with her if you can catch her on one of her free days
Thanks for the latest review on Ai.

In regards to smells & tastes, I think each person's sensitvity is much different. So, while some people think one girl has a bad smell or taste, others may not feel the same way. Certainly, by far, Asian girls in general, smell and taste better than other races. That's just my opinion, but a number of friends feel the same way. Every so often, you run into a girl that is growing a forest down below that doesn't have that 'oh so fresh' taste and smell. I think the girls that like foreigners know what most of like and keep things nice and clean down there. I know some guys like the bush, I don't, lol.

Thanks again for your contribution, we appreciate it very much!