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AM Asian Mystique Review: Kanae 7/2010

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Jun 13, 2010
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As the length of my stay in Japan was drawing to a close, I wanted to try and top the experience I had with Ai and leave Japan on an endorphin high. I decided to take a chance and go with a previously un-reviewed girl, Kanae was my first choice and I was able to book her for two hours after a few emails back and forth between Asian Mystique and myself working out the details.
Again, very happy with the punctuality and professional attitude of Asian Mystique and whomever answers their emails. They worked very hard to make sure they could accommodate me, such as suggesting several other girls similar to Kanae when she was not available for the first date and time I chose.
The night of the date arrived and I was again lucky with a punctual girl (reading some of the other reviews it looks like you have the chance of getting one to show up early or late and kind of throw you off your game). As soon as the door closed behind her she tackled me and gave me a great big hug and a long, slow, wet kiss, like you would get after meeting up with your lover after a long time apart.
We chatted and made out on the couch of my hotel room for a good fifteen minutes before I even paid her. After the money was exchanged she sent a text to AM notifying them that she arrived and was with the client I assume then tossed her cell phone away and began to slowly strip out of her street clothes, turning it into quite and effective striptease. She “assisted” me out of my clothes and we made out some more on the bed, very slowly giving me a hand job as we did so.
She then led us into the shower where we got washed up where there was more make out fun, including grinding on me heavily as I washed her up.
A quick drying with the towel and we walked towards the bed, didn’t need to ask or even do anything, as she took charge and pushed me down onto the bed and started going down on me (no condom).
After around twenty minutes she stopped and said “I want to fuck”. Naturally I obliged. She was ready to go and already primed and wet (Ai used lube to help get her going the first round). She was quite vigorous, none of the typical high pitched fake squeaks you see in so many JPorns but genuine moans of pleasure. Her on top allowed me to play with her perfect breasts, which are real for those interested, she is also trimmed into a neat and tight rectangle patch of hair.
Pop number one in the books for both and I and she collapsed onto me, breathing heavy she wanted to catch her breath and just lay there for a while. After a few minutes of relaxing we moved to the couch and started talking and having a few drinks. Learned she is from Yokohama originally and used to work at World Porter Bazaar (or something like that, I am too tired to look through my pictures to get the right spelling. It is near the Ferris Wheel) as a cashier in the grocery store on the lower floor.
As we finished out bottle of sake, she leaned in close to me and said she had a wicked idea. She started to perform more oral on me and when I popped she swallowed. With a condom on we did it doggy style with her on the couch facing the windows looking out over the city, the curtains fully drawn open so she was exposed to the world.
I really hope there is sound proofing material in the hotel rooms as her screams were quite loud. When we both got off (pretty much simultaneously) it was just about time for us to head into the shower.
While in there she performed more oral and had me release on her tummy.

Definitely recommend a night with her if you can book her, her schedule is really varied, in two weeks she will be on holiday so book now while you still can! She is no longer listed on AM as I write this, so hopefully she was removed because of her upcoming vacation.
She is so much prettier in person then her pictures make her out to look, I didn’t even recognize her at first until I saw her smile and knew it was her.

Overall this was pretty much the best experience I have had with these kinds of services, here in the States around where I live we do have a few “soap lands” if you know where to look and I have visited them once or twice but are nowhere near as fun as what I experienced in Japan, in fact, you walk out of there feeling quite dirty.

I have had the rotten luck of being born in the wrong place at the wrong time in history because I can totally see myself living in Japan.

I am already planning my next trip. Most likely in 2012 as I want to check out some of the all inclusive resorts they got down in the Caribbean.
Thanks for your continued contributions, we really appreciate it!

Thanks for pointing out that Kanae was going on vacation, we had already noted that she had been removed from the AM website.

The picutres always can go both ways, sometimes the pictures are better than the actual girl and other times, it's the opposite. AM doesn't really touch up their photos with the small exception of the eyes. Some of the Korean shops and most of the Japanese shops do touch up their phots and more likely than not, the girl you get looks nothing like the picture you saw on the website.

Once again, great write up and we look forward to more of your writings! Get back to Japan when you can, safe travels!