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AM Asian Mystique - Satsuki


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Sep 15, 2009
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nasty dolls failed me again, back to AM again.

i tried satsuki this time, a new one for me. i guess her pics are accurate, she appeared much as expected. she could have been more cheerful but maybe it was a bad day. she was a little late but not as bad as some of the previous reports had mentioned.
during the main session, did not feel rushed but she just did not have a happy feeling. i had to kind of initiate things and kind of push the events along. during fs session she was tight and wet and we managed to try a number of different positions. her oral service was not bad at all which almost made up for the other missing parts of the entire time we were together.
there were two pops in total so no real complaint about that part. towards the end she seemed to be bored and tired, i tried to mend things as we went along.
she is small, very small in the chest area but you can see that clearly in her pics so i knew what to expect. her face not the cutest, she was well made up for the time I saw her.
overall, you get what you want and you don't get much complaint from her. i may repeat on the chance that i just happen to catch her on a down day. she has potential to be great in the service area with a little more enthusiasm. another point to consider is the style, if you are dominating this may be the girl for you since she seems to need some direction to get started.
overall - not the worst and not the best so maybe 7/10, could have been an 8 if she was more into it.
i hope that am gets a new batch of girls soon, the new ones are measuring up and the ones that are already there, except a few, are getting stale both in service and age.
i would not mind having a white girl or mixed race so as long the service is top notch, do prefer japanese though.
hope you find this review helpful.
Thanks once again Xeryu.

I guess we'll consider dropping Nasty Dolls from the list since they seem to be dying. I'll wait till the end of this month though.
i agree about nd, they are almost worthless at this point. it is a shame too, they had some decent looking girls. maybe things will turn around for them... maybe not.