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Asian Mystique - Sora review


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Jun 16, 2012
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Hi everyone, been reading this site for a while and thought I would contribute rather than just lurk!

Review is a bit late as saw Sora for the 2nd time a few weeks ago. As mentioned by other Sora is extremely petite but very well proportioned and toned with a great attitude to her. Met her in Shibuya and she was chatty as we walked to the love hotel.

As before had to take the lead in the shower as she gave a good HJ before playing with her in the bath. She seemed to enjoy being touched and was moaning and kissing back with vigour. By the time we dried off and got to the bed she was already very wet. Great BBBJ as she touched herself soon led to a condom slid on and her riding on top of me.

As others have mentioned she is small and petite, great to move around on the bed as we rolled over to have her on her back. As with others at AM she isn't the most vocal but a hot change was in between the groaning she started moaning "please fuck me" which, as you can imagine was a huge turn on!

Anyway two hours of fun and feeling particularly shattered from a good work out! Sora was great to spend time with, didn't clockwatch like others have said - i might have just got her in a good mood! Well this is my first review here so hopefully it meets the standard! If you want more info just let me know!
Awesome review mlowdown, thanks! I recently had a second date with Sora and would just echo what you and I both said in our reviews. She's well covered now, time to try something new! :D
Thank you guys! That kind of reviews help too much. Actually i saw the pics of this lady, and she
looks pretty good for me, but you always are in doubt (would she be good?). These post confirmed she is highly recommended. i hope try some day.
I had a go with Sora recently. It was ok, but not a great lay by a long shot. She didn't do much more than lay there -- like most Japanese chicks...

I was hoping for something a little more exciting. It was ok, but probably won't go back to her.