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Sep 11, 2009
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I had been meaning to post this for awhile, except I forgot to every time...

Asian Mystique is current offering a special in light of the strong Yen rates.

This is quoted from their website:

Asian Mystique said:
High Yen Rate Reduction!

The current strength of the yen has hit a lot of our valuable customers hard.

We recognize the difficulties in continuing to enjoy the company
of your favorite AM Girl as the yen rises to new heights.
To help out we are offering a temporary reduction in rates as of September 1st.

1 hour orders will now be just 28,000yen!
3 hour orders just 45,000yen!
Overnight orders reduced to 80,000yen!
and your favorite fantasy: 2 AM girls for 2 hours now just 73,000yen!

Rates apply until the yen weakens. Rate for 2 hour orders is unchanged,
as are other unmentioned courses.

Please check their site for updates: Asian Mystique - Japanese Escort in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Japan

In my opinion, good effort on their part except it's kind of a pain to carry around the exact amount of money when not using a credit card.

We are looking for regular reports from the regular Tokyo escort agencies & independent escorts.

Thanks All.
this special is nice. i think it can hang around awhile since the dollar is still low.