Asian Mystique: Update & a few comments


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Sep 11, 2009
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After a recent visit to their website, they have added a number of new girls as well as some that are not in Tokyo.

Asian Mystique - Japanese Escort in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Japan

A few comments:

I'm not sure if it's just the trend of the times, but the last few girls they added are not what I would call your 'avergage' Japanese girls. They are a bit larger in both heigth and width, in comparison with their counterparts.

Is this really the direction they are forced to go in? There are only a few girls left there that I would consider making an appointment with.

For the people that normally use these types of servies, I'm seeing more reports of people using pink salons or more typical Japanese DH services. While it would seem that these Japanese shops have resorted to accepting Gaijin (non-Japanese). Granted, some of these shops offer some real beauties, but the top girls at these shops usually won't see the Gaijin customers. On top of this, there are certain Gaijin who attempt to use these shops without using ANY Japanese. Don't you think that is a bit rude? And then there is the contrast of some Gaijin trying to force FS on these girls. What the hell?

Well, my point is... those of us that can speak Japanese and do use these shops are going to ultimately lose out because of these other Gaijin causing problems at the more accepting shops. Then again, you get what you pay for.... ne?

Let's see.. AM's girls are OK at best. Nothing to scream home about..
Nasty Dolls hasn't really added any new girls or done anything 'new' recently... Manami is well, of course, Manami... she's always there when you need something real. I'm not sure what else is out there.. DON'T you DARE say Craigslist... haha OR Metropolis... lol...

I still don't have a real favorite... :confused:
thank you spirit. i agree with most of your statement, pointing out the issue with japanese only shops and their often changing rule. maybe it is selective? do you think the girl really chooses? i guess it possible. when first came to japan, most 'japanese only' shops would turn foreigner away all the time, the economy changes and then they accept foreigner. some girls won't accept gaijin customer, so this is true.. just like regular japanese girl in coffee shop or club, either really interested in a non-japanese guy or not at all. well, we always have AM, ND & TMK.... i hope. real japanese girl on your own is too troublesome. like buying a defective car if you marry one. (no offense j-ladies that read this)

well. i look forward to the future... for new AM girls - they are OK. but I am small guy, so I prefer normal, average j-girl instead of 'american-size' j-girl. :)
Honestly, the phrase YMMV applies 100% of the time.

The standards hold true... these new 'tricks' maybe are just that, tricks.
Update for Asian Mystique:

Latest source tells me that AM's order quantity has dropped off again and some of the ladies have been getting frustrated as of late. I'm told that this happens during the holiday season, so this is maybe something not so new to AM.

The continual rise of the yen against the dollar has not been helping either. There has been a definite shift to cheaper alternatives than the mainstays such as AM and the like.