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Asian Mystique - Yumika 7/2010


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Jun 21, 2010
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I gave AM a call, and there were only four available girls at the time I had called. Luckily, there was Yumika who I've had the pleasure of previously.

Yumika - what to say about this girl. If you like darker skin and big hair, this is the girl for you. Her pictures on AM's sites are fairly close to the real thing. I think she's probably a little too obsessed with American culture but nonetheless gives a satisfying performance. For me, she appeared to be somewhat thicker that the story that her pictures tell you, here again it all depends on your taste. She arrived on-time, casually dressed but not totally underdressed for the moment. I'd prefer a little more skin showing, no real complains though. I was happy that she appeared on-time, unlike one of my last experiences with AM. She's not shy and can get very comfortable with you very quickly. Her English is ok and can hold a conversation well, not too much guessing there.

As I mentioned above, Yumika has a darker skin color and I guess you may call it a darker, golden color. It's kind of sexy really, but if you like more milky-white skinned girls, don't bother calling Yumika, leave her for the real men who enjoy a dark-skinned hottie. Yeah, I said that, she's a hottie. Her tits, I guess they were average size for Japanese girl of her stature. Maybe a little above average depending on what you view as average. She isn't flat and she isn't a D-cupper either. Her size suited me well, and I was plenty happy with the treats she offered with such tasty tits.

The gritty details: She's a worker that's for sure. She lacks some enthusiasm for what she does, but she can take it good and give it right back to you. I'm not all that young anymore and cannot do those new tricks the younger guys do. I love Yumika on her back, watching her tits bounce around and her biting her lip trying not to make too much noise, lol. She is thicker but her skin is tight and well toned all over, you don't see flab bouncing around as you put your stick in to check the oil level. Slippery when wet comes to mind about Yumika, she gets wet and sloppy if you're not careful. I guess girls get real wet or not much at all, but she was soaking about 40 minutes into the fun. If I had the time, I'd oil up her body until it was glistening and slide with her all over the place until we would pass out. But alas, time is limited and we must make the best of it.
Her oral skills are on par with most professional girls, nothing that knocks out of the park really. I much more enjoy the usual positions of good 'ole fashion grinding. We finished with a grand finale that would give any good porn movie a run for its money, but we did it with more class and more style. At the end, two pops and I was spent.

She left me with a smile and that twinkle in her eye as we parted ways. Ah, what a girl.

Overall Ratings:

Looks: 7/10
Body: 7/10
Personality: 8/10
Performance: 9/10
Repeat: Likely, 80% Chance. :cool:
Wow, not bad! That almost read like a story there for a few parts. I wasn't sure if I was reading a review or reading a novel, haha.

Thanks for taking the time to post your review. I'm looking forward to more of your story-written reviews, so get busy!
how did she smell? i head from someone else that she may have a strange smell down there or just b.o.?
curious to know if you do not mind.
how did she smell? i head from someone else that she may have a strange smell down there or just b.o.?
curious to know if you do not mind.

There wasn't any strange odor, just the fashionable smell of sex. Taste, nothing strange that I could tell. The more I think about it, I really enjoyed her body style a lot more than I expected.

She keeps herself clean AFAIK. (or can tell)

YMMV of course.
how did she smell? i head from someone else that she may have a strange smell down there or just b.o.?
curious to know if you do not mind.

Since you asked about the smell, I do not know about Yumika, but with my experience with Manami and Ai, Manami smelt awesome...really great. So far as Ai is concerned...the smell was slightly musky....I preferred Manami so far smell in the valley is concerned :)....
I have to disagree with the reviewer on Yumika. She's a mutt. Having seen TKO's review, I tried her out. Man, was I very disappointed. She is tubby. Her body is not shapely at all, just one solid block of fat. Breasts, stomach, hips and thighs are all the same size. She is trying to be black. Her hair is afro-like and has jerry curl juice in it. Her photos on AM's site now reflect what she looks like. I complained to management about her and they asked her to come in and redo the site photos. Had a hard time coming. Sorry man, I have to discount all your reviews based on this one. Yuck! Need to mention also, that she is loud and doesn't know when to shut up. Good if you like conversation.
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Her latest pictures are not flattering at all... :( She's really let herself go over the years.
Hey, I'm sorry if my review didn't match what you got. I guess it's more about personal preference. My reviews are just my views and opinions, I don't mean to mis-lead anyone to believe something that's not true.

Now, seeing the new pictures of Yumika - they are really bad! She looks like a different person to my eyes. Yeah, she's trying to be 'black', very true... when I met her, she just had really dark skin and the hair... wasn't quite as bad.

Sorry again for misrepresntation, it was not intentional. :(
Don't worry about it too much.

There is always a hit and a miss... sometimes a completely foul review... it happens.

Everyone's tastes and observations are unique.
Has anyone seen Yumika recently? Her photos make her look a little thicker than I generally prefer so wondering what she looks like in person. Is her face pretty? Thanks.