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Sep 25, 2013
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Do you ever walk into a massage parlor or some place and just ask if FS is available? I have sometimes done this.

Do you think it is a mistake? Some forum posts at various forums say don`t ever ask for it. The presumption seems to be that you could get in trouble. How and why? Have you ever gotten in trouble just by asking for it?

I never have. Would love to hear what others have to say.
No I don't. You are just looking for trouble as asking for or advertising will get into more trouble as it is against the Japanese Law. That's why if you ever look at a service provider's web page or menu you will not see FS provided.
Some couple of years ago there was a Chinese massage shop between my train station and home, they opened after I moved to that place. The girls would stand almost in front of the station (the opposite side of the main street) late from 17.00hs on. They would manage to offer service to any citizen about to use the transportation. The very first time they talked to me, I said straight away: "massage only is no fun for me is there anything else", and the girl said yeah we can give you a handjob but lets talk low or be quiet until we get to the shop. Handjob in massage shops is prohibited and there had been many police raids on TV where the undercover officer would report: "they touched me somewhere else". Despite all these "news", giving handjob is very common to my mongering scouting. Because it was a new shop I agreed to pay for the happy ending a couple of times. But later I only started to ask for massage because I was suffering from katagori (dont know how to say this in English). When the girl, which was always the same (they dont swap clients) and I actually clicked with her because Chinese woman are not just cheap for me, but because Japanese culture has a strong influence from China, I am very found of their Feudal period (sengoku) and Im very into Tai-Chi-Chuan. asked why I wasnt asking for HJ anymore I told her that there are Pink Salons where from the same price I get a blowjob and the girl even comes completely naked, I can play with her pussy and do lots of stuff. My massagist got very jealous and after a few other sessions said to me: "No, you come here and I will give you a BJ, but because its you". This went on for a couple of times until every stuff member new that our combo was working well. The other girls wanted to steal me from her. She sometimes by her own will used to give me much longer sessions for the same price as usual as I was slowly teaching her Japanese while she would tell me about her own country and culture, I learn about Taiwan as well. Then I was not a regular client but very well known by the staff there. One of those days, another girl (the cutiest,sexiest and most bitchiest of all in a nice way) came to the next room with all her just washed panties already set on the hanger to dry (sorry dont know how to say in English), and I said: "I want one of those", and after my massagist translated my comment to Chinese, the other girl claimed: "Ichimanyen!!!". I was always asking when are we going to fuck or if she would accept a date with me, very mildly not too persistent and in a funny way (Im very easy-going guy), and she would reply, I would really do it with you but Im married. I cant say if the reply was real or not. But the staff knew I wanted more. From time to time, those sessions that would take double the time because of my Japanese teaching or whatever random talk they would enjoy with me...the other girls where to remark: "You are really spending too much time with him". She started to ask me for tips. I would hand her something like 2.000Y (and she would watch or even take my wallet to see how much I was giving to her and how much remained inside)...but to Chinese woman 2.000Y is something like 20.000Y for them, nothing to a local's salary. I remember she would pick up the bills and rush in to deposit it in her "savings" clamouring to her partners: "I got 2.000Y" tip. The other girls would envy her...and at that point...a surprise would be waiting for me the next day.

That most hot, sexy and beautiful girl which stood out from the others and wasnt my dedicated massagist, found me on the street (where I used to shop for food, etc) and started to offer me "her" services instead. Dont remember the reason but I really couldnt and she believed me. She tried again another day but I said, sorry Im tired and heading straight to the bed. Something like 1 kilometer later I realised...she was following me...

...and once in my place... 20.000Y or less cant remember now became our "little secret" for FS.

This is the most funniest experience I can share with elaborations but I would say that 75% of the times I asked for FS at massage shops I would have the yes. I will add that when I enter those shops is always AFTER-PARTY, like an After-Hours but in the massage shop.

I dont know why its bad to ask for FS for others, but definetly not for me. FS will never be advertised anywhere, but we all know it is available if you know how to find it. I guess the girls/shop know to distinguish a "LEGITIMATE" customer from an undercover cop. I would say that if a place offers HJ, you should become a "client" and see how it goes from there.
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I´d answer the question as "yes and no". Yes, I have asked about homban, but it depends who and how you ask. The Chinese touts on street will bring the topic up themselves, but only to you directly, and only with lowered voice. It is not something you want so shout across the room, or street.
As with so many things in Japan, context matters.
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