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    Hi, thought I'd go ahead and make a new thread cause I couldn't find anything which felt 100% related. Mods can move this if needed. This is technically a pay-for-sex service but there are girls who are curious and are looking for a one-time thing "for free".

    I've used the app ASOBO (iPhone) and it's been on my phone for a while. You can send e-mails, chat with girls (mostly J-girls but also K and C-girls) in your area and set up a private meeting. Most girls will charge you, in their message they will write something like "1kaime gomu ari" (1回目ゴム有り) which means that you pay 20,000yen, provide condom and pay for LH. A variant of this can be "1kaime gomu ari, 2kaime gomu nashi" (1回目ゴム有、2回目ゴム無し) which means the same only "First time with condom, blow your wad inside. 2nd time without condom, pull out and cum outside".

    There seem to be quite flexible girls amongst their ranks, but obviously they don't come near escort-service standards (pun intended). I've had 4 girls and it can be a hit or miss thing, but you retain the option to cancel. I've canceled twice upon seeing the girls (1 of those girls was one who only looked for some fun) You'll basically meet at a train station or somewhere close to a LH. Sometimes they already have a place in mind. If she gives you her number you're free to call and set up a time and place. If there's a price, she will say it. (Japanese required in most cases, possibly to get away with basic/low intermediate)

    I'll write a short summary of my first time (which has been a sort of standard ever since)
    The profiles are kinda hard to distinguish, and the picture they provide is often of cell-phone quality. Anyways.. I met the girl at shinbashi station, she was cute but no model. Short, long black hair, thin. 6/10
    I followed her to a LH just around the corner. We took a shower together, gentle touching and kinda normal chat throughout. After drying off we got into bed where she started with a BBBJ, then condom on and FS. DS, CG, RCW. She was quite receptive and came twice. I hadn't cum yet so I asked her for another BJ, so she took of the condom and proceeded for another BBBJ which ended up me cumming in her mouth, she swallowed without hesitance. I don't remember her name but I figured she was one of those who you only meet once (=no repeat visits).

    Has anyone else tried this app/service? I doubt I'm the only one, so I'd like to hear how your experiences pair up. Thanks!
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    how to buy credits?
    this application is really full of kanjis which i don't understand.. damn :(

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