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Atelier [Kawasaki] (SL) Atelier - Yukino the Gaijin Worshipper


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Jan 6, 2017
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Atelier - Yukino the Gaijin Worshipper

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Appointment Length & Costs:
60 min - 23,300 yen

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Date of Encounter:
May 2024

Incall Soapland Provided Room

Language Notes:
Japanese Only

Narrative of the Encounter:
So I had just visited Kikuchi from Kaguya-hime immediately before this. That visit will be explained in another review, but long story short while she had an amazing personality, she was a bit too fat for me. I had told her I wanted to try to cum 2 times and I came the first time rather quickly. But the second time was a dud, and after like 20 mins of fucking, I just couldn’t really bring myself to get into it enough.

So I was in Kawasaki, which I don’t usually end up in, and had some heavy balls that needed releasing.

I’ve been here once before with another girl like 2 years before who was amazing (for a soapland experience). I’ve forgotten her name as I can’t find her on the roster on cityheaven anymore.

Anyways the tout was super nice and made sure I was conversational in Japanese. This shop, if I recall correctly, requires like N3 Japanese.

I was surfing cityheaven and noticed Yukino had pretty much 5 star reviews across the board (and like one 4 star review). I wanted someone a bit younger but Bijin Lab was fully booked. So I went with her cause I milfs tend to give better service anyway.

She’s a bit older than her photos suggest which is to be expected. I’d say she’s in her mid-40s, but definitely hot and slim for her age, with impressive boobs. I’ll say it upfront, she’s lovely in terms of making you feel welcome and gives a decent GFE.

She’s also obsessed with gaijin men, saying that we have a ‘ladies first’ culture lol. Please keep this image up guys!

It was kinda funny how she would occasionally interrupt play to just praise gaijins in how they compliment Japanese girls and take care of themselves better than Japanese men. Honestly, I don’t have a strong stance on other opinion, but I’m taking the compliment.

The play
It start with pretty standard washing and BBBJ in the bathtub. Typical soapland stuff.

I’ve had a lot of experiences with crazy good BJs from Sei no Kiwanis, so soapland BJs don’t usually do it for me these days. But I would say her skills are okay, it was a comfy BJ if that makes sense, nothing I would cum from though. She let me suck on her (really nice) boobs before we continued onto 69. I’m usually confident with my DATY skills and I think her reactions were genuine since they were different from the very performative sounds I’ve heard so many times before.

She got pretty wet and gave me another BJ, applying a condom with her mouth. We started with a bit of cowgirl, but kinda felt nothing, so she quickly started squatting on my dick. That felt super good and is one of my favorite positions, but she tired after like 2-3 pumps. We moved onto doggystyle, and I’m not feeling as much as I’d prefer. It was okay, but I hate condoms lol. I had also just blew one an hour earlier so I thought I would be more sensitive, but yeah didn’t feel that much with doggy. We then moved to missionary, where things got better. We kissed as I gave her a mating press, and she did something that totally hasn’t ever happened to me before.

While I was on top of her, kissing and fucking, she starts playing with my nipples. That really got me going, and made me discover a new kink lol. I came not too long after that, and she kept me inside her for a long time while kissing me. Like I was still inside her for at least 5-10 mins, as she hugged me and kissed me. I went over to suck her nipples a bit more before finally pulling out.

She cleaned me up and then we spend the rest of the time talking about how much she loves the West and our lifestyle and stuff. She thinks it’s funny that some Americans think ninjas and samurai still exist in Japan. We also talked about different dialects in Japan, cause she’s from Hokkaido and I know nothing about Hokkaido-Ben. I learned some stuff from her, I like it when these sessions are kind of a Japanese-lesson tagged with some sex.

Eventually she kissed me again and got me washed and dressed. She was surprised that I was seeing someone her age, given that I’m way younger. But I told her that milfs are a turn-on for me. I do like younger girls around my age, but I think the service doesn’t always tend to be that great in comparison to milfs who in ways want you more for being younger.

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No, this review was written without a request from the Soapland or their provider.

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Recommended, May Repeat.

Closing Comments:
Yukino is fantastic in terms of service and personality. I don’t think the sex was that amazing, but I might’ve been a bit worn. I personally prefer deliheru over soaplands, cause a good BBBJ beats CFS for me. But if I were in Kawasaki again and had no other option I wanted to try, I would definitely repeat with her.
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Approved: 6/8/2024
I’ve been here once before with another girl like 2 years before who was amazing (for a soapland experience). I’ve forgotten her name as I can’t find her on the roster on cityheaven anymore.
Makes sense since they have changed the whole cast twice over 2 years. The current cast was formerly at Mint, a hitozuma(housewife) shop and prior to that all the girls at Hibiki spent less than a year at Atelier(now back at Hibiki). Where the cast from before that is I have no idea.

Glad to hear you had a good time and that Yukino enjoys foreigners, her prior shop Mint didn't allow us.
Most japanese guys have super sensitive nipples(like 80%)so many girls learn to do that play. Sadly most foreign barbarians lack that unique blessing so if you are one of them; count yourself lucky.
I have watched guys in the hap bars who can cum JUST from nipple play and I feel like I am missing out on two small dicks that can be stimulated 😂
Sadly mine are as basic as they come and when girls start to play with them I tell them appreciatively that I can't feel anything there and guide them to my neck or little soldier.
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