Attention Sea Shepard People (Morons)

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Aug 23, 2009
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Just wanted to throw this out there: Because of your actions against the Japanese whaling fleet, I am going to increase the amount of whale meat I eat. Your actions are no worse than some idiot terrorist that cannot stand the way other people or countries live. No one freaking died and made you the dictator! If you want to change the way people think, try a new method. Your methods nor your TV show only remind us how tasty whale is.

Get a freaking life and go home. Leave my whale meat alone...

Thanks for reading.
Way to stir the pot. Tell us how you REALLY feel?

Gladly. :)

I'm arguing with a couple of idiots in another thread from another board. The board owner does not seem to like me posting my true opinion. So, I came back here to clearly state what they tried to censor.
Perfect example of why I will never donate to groups such PETA and these people. I don't want to fund terrorism, no matter where or what it is. I love the taste of meat, I'll die happily eating animals. ;) Only one time I have had whale meat, maybe 3 years ago now. It is hard to find in some cases, I wouldn't mind have some in the near future.